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Clark's at its best makes two classic streetwear staples, namely the Wallabee and the desert boot. But for proper shoes (both casual and formal) there is much better out there in terms of elegant style and durable construction. As mentioned, A-E's can be had on sale for not much more, and if you use ebay you can also find Aldens, Ferragamos, Maglis, and Mezlans at a similar price point. Bear in mind that the latter 3 (with the exception of Ferragamo's Tramezza line,...
There are a few bottlings from the Veneto that are amazingly consistent and always offer great value. I'm thinking of La Palazzola and La Grola from Allegrini (who makes divine Amarone that can even be called a value at $60 or so) and Zenato Valpolicella Ripassa (which is a Valpolicella that is allowed to macerate with the spent pits/skins used to make Amarone). Skalogre's recommendation of Taurino's entry level bottling, Salice Salentino, is a good one, but for just a...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha chevron=lines at the front of the knee Back when I used to lurk on superfuture, I recall the term "holy cows" being used to describe these as well.
That jacket fits and looks great. The boots are cool too - are they Ropers? I'm with HJJ on the undershirt...I don't think it adds anything to the look. Also, the shirt seems a little long to wear untucked (RL seems to cut all their shirts with tucking in mind). Tuck it in and maybe you can show that Justin belt as well. You could also consider cuffing your APC's just a little higher when wearing them with those boots, if you want a cleaner, no-break appearance and to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa That blazer looks weird. I like it. The gorge seems really high (a good thing, btw) - it practically sits on top of his shoulders. So I suppose that "vintage" here means pre-1980's at least. The detailing at the edge of the lapels and the large patch pockets are interesting too. Nice find.
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven If you can think of it, I can make it. Odd shirts of late have included, Western shirts with flowers embroidered on the back, Guayabera's, Shirt dresses for women, Pirate shirts for an off Broadway show, Removable collar shirts for the Drowsey Chaperone, Priest shirts for the ill fated TV show, "book of Daniel", etc. This suggests some interesting possibilities for a bespoke Halloween... But seriously,...
Most importantly, do you like how they look on you? If so, they're a good buy...you won't find them for less, and the denim is still decent quality, better than just about anything else at that price point (with possible exceptions of GAP 1969 and Uniqlo), even though the board's consensus is that PDC's quality has declined since Scott Morrison moved on to start Earnest Sewn. But among the large variety of washes are more than a few that strike me as quite unappealing.
Haven't seen anyone post a pic of Jay Allen's "Jester" tee yet, so here's one (worn with Howies OSD):
Quote: Originally Posted by headtowall Yeah, that nudie jacket pic is closer to the fit I tend to prefer on a denim jacket. I made an exception with this one because it was an interesting find and didn't think the mc hammer arms were quite so obvious If you can put up with it and keep wearing this one, though, you could have honeycombs from your armpit to your wrist!
Quote: Originally Posted by BigSur is there a specific search term when looking for chest pockets like this? Even if a specific name exists for those kind of pockets, I doubt most sellers are aware of it, so it won't be found in their listings (i.e. it won't be searchable).
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