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Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater For the sake of experimentation and in the name of science I will buy some... Way to rationalize another clothing purchase! I'll have to try this one soon.
I bought several polos from Scoop - PDC, Velvetmen, and Joie. The PDC is pique, and the other two are jersey. They're all lightweight, soft, and cut a bit generously, but I haven't worn and washed them enough to evaluate their durability.
A pic of you wearing the jacket would be more helpful. I have an untrained eye, but I don't see anything in the pic that screams "cheap" to me. I believe the question raised by Milanostyle was a good one. In the future, if you'd like to see more positive comments, perhaps you should just lie and say whatever you bought was made by [insert revered tailoring house here]. If you want a more objective opinion, you would do well to leave the maker out of the discussion...
I've got one pair from John Varvatos that isn't overdyed (only the warp is black). They've got a very regular ralfish fit (moderate rise, neither slim nor loose, slight bootcut), which makes them relatively versatile for a pair of black jeans. Like Darknworn, I think a white button-front complements them well - I've got one from Margiela with black buttons that looks particularly good with black denim. I still don't find myself wearing them much, though. I had high...
Lorenzini is relatively undervalued on ebay. It doesn't have quite the cache of Borrelli and the like, though it's not so far off the quality of those other names. If you're willing to get a previously worn shirt, you can definitely get one in your price range.
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR I like the belts, but to be honest, it seem to me like they just do not flatter your physique. I'm in total agreement with this opinion. Perhaps it's just the camera angle, but your waist/hips/midsection appear wider and more substantial than your chest/shoulder region. The wide belt seems to empasize this further. The inevitabe blousing of a tucked shirt (which I've come to believe can only be...
Speaking of Slick Rick, do you remember to ask (before snapping the pic) "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who is the cheapest mutha of them all?"
One more example for everyone's amusement/disdain...a used suit going for over a grand:
I've found Fray to be slimmer as well, but be prepared for some sticker shock. Unless you obsess about handiwork and so forth, it'd be cheaper to get your Corneliani taken in by a tailor, or try to find an MTM place that offers comparable fabrics.
I've got an older pair of Polo penny loafers that say "Made in the USA." My understanding is that currently Polo blue label shoes are made in 1 of 3 places: the 3rd world by sweatshop labor, Italy by some mysterious and perhaps changing maker, and England by Crockett & Jones. Anyone have some idea who produced the old American-made Polo shoes?
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