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Seriously, though, it looks incomplete without a row of Norvegese stitching. The difference between a tank and a battleship.
My cobbler claims to be able to do this, but I'm not entirely confident in that claim yet. I plan to take in a picture (maybe from the "one pic of shoes by day" thread) and see what he says.
The chick's kinda ugly, and that's the surest and fastest way to ruin any outfit. So all our commentary and suggestions are in vain - I'm afraid there's no hope for this guy.
If you're having this coat made to your specifications, then you don't have to stick with any stylistic conventions. All you're going for basically is a double breasted coat of some sort for winter wear. The main differences between the peacoat and db overcoat are the lapels, length, and fabric. The lapels of a peacoat can be turned up and buttoned to stay in place, protecting the neck and making the coat significantly warmer. You will never have a need for this in...
I basically alternate between a pair of Howies OSD and RRL lowrise bootcut. It works for me because one is baggy while the other is tight (I won't euphemize here by calling them "relaxed" and "slim," they're baggy and tight, dammit). That way there's actually a reason not to wear one or the other exclusively (i.e. some outfits call for baggy jeans while others call for a tighter fit), over and above the goal of trying to develop an attractive fading pattern in 2 pairs at...
Quote: Originally Posted by royal618 I've just about given up on finding the right match for a red-brown pair of shoes I own. Any suggestions on what one should do when you've exhausted your initial options, or what to do when you can't find a close match - or perhaps I'm overly fussy. Perhaps you could start with a belt in a reasonably close shade, and then begin polishing it with the same wax/cream you use on the shoes. Or even just...
That last one sure is gorgeous. I too like cashmere ties, although I only have one, a Paul Stuart found at Goodwill. Despite being (presumably) old enough to find its way into a thrift store, it was in perfect condition, which I hope is a testament to its quality. I really don't see why you couldn't wear a cashmere tie in the warmer months. Not a glenplaid or houndstooth, for sure, or some terribly thick, humongous-knotted job that could be mistaken for a scarf,...
Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock what kind of fucking underwear do you wear I, for one, believe that underwear just gets in the way during that particular activity. Not to further contribute to the degeneration of this thread or anything.
I have 1/6th the experience of kittonbrioni in this regard, but my pair are slightly more fitted in the seat and thigh than a pair of Dockers or Gap/BR/JCrew khakis. The major difference in fit is that the Mason's have a MUCH lower rise (probably on the order of 3 inches difference).
For shirts and jackets, the key areas of fit are the shoulders, chest, sleeves, and waist. If you can find RTW items that fit well in 3 of the 4, then I think it will most likely be cheaper and more convenient to go this route and patronize an alterations tailor. If most of the RTW you have access to is off on more than 1 aspect of fit, though, then I would definitely recommend pouring your energy into finding a good MTM/bespoke source.
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