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Reminds me of the Chinese producers of fake Dunks and the like. Except instead of marketing them as cheap knockoffs, they expect you to pay more than the real thing because they come from Japan.
I think it goes to show that with something as casual, generic, and short-lived as a driving shoe, it doesn't make a lot of sense to pay a premium for Tod's, Ferragamo, or whatever versus something inexpensive like the BR version, which I agree is very attractive.
Quote: Originally Posted by Luc-Emmanuel A bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape from Mont Olivet is 11 euros, Charvin must be like 15 or maybe 18 now. Sometime wine cannot get any better than this, like in 1990 for instance. See, I'm fairly competent in wines too !luc That's one reason why the Rhone, esp the South, has long been my favorite source of red wine. I envy you being able to get Charvin for less than $30, though;...
Howies' raw denim fits almost exactly like Blue Blood Dry Goods, but their indigo is a bit darker. They have 2 models: a 501-type cut, the OSD, and a cinchback, workwear-inspired cut, the Bryson.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchapel These look a lot more Spring to me than Summer. Out here, where it presently is 99 F, I would die wearing pretty much all of those combinations. My thoughts exactly. It's not nearly 99 degrees here in D.C., but I still can hardly tolerate wearing more than a single layer.
The carbonation in beer also fills up your belly and makes it a little easier to drink slowly. Of course if it was up to me I'd pick Champagne over beer every time, but for whatever reason that's just not socially acceptable in many situations.
For something simple and durable, I don't think you can beat the prices here: I've been wearing one of their 12 oz chestnut straps with my buckles for almost a year, and it still shows very little wear.
I saw a pretty cool Tankfarm tee in Nordstrom the other day with a print of a squadron of Spitfires (WWII fighter that defended England against Hitler's bombing campaigns). The cotton was soft and the cut was fitted, but they didn't have my size.
BTW, what's up with Girbaud? What's the difference, if any, between the cheap, hip-hop-ish tees-and-denim line that sells at Ross and the expensive shit featured on Yoox and even Virtual Clotheshorse?
I have cotton pants in colors that fall within the khaki spectrum from Dirk Schonberger, hLam, Mason's, and Gaultier. I would describe the rise on the last pair as very low, while the other three are moderately low-rise. It would help if the OP could elaborate on what he's looking for (color, cut, etc.).
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