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Very, very nice - I applaud your creativity and resourcefulness. I may have to try something similar soon. What was the solvent you used? I'm familiar only with ethanol and acetone.
Or wait to buy these until you've collected every single model from APC.
I think the Cruiser would look better in the pic without those tools and the pockets snapped shut. I don't really like the look of mid-torso pockets, so I would go with the Cruiser. If you weren't such a fan of classic outdoor workwear in the mold of Filson/Woolrich/Pendleton, though, then the Double Logger might be an easier style to embrace.
Quote: Originally Posted by drizzt3117 Rockports will be comfortable for walking, certainly. Seconded. Rockports were very kind to my feet when on-call in the hospital. Even after 30+ hours without rest, my feet were the last thing to hurt.
They stretched about an inch with wear. I haven't washed them yet, but I'm pretty sure they'll behave like any other sanforized denim: Washing will bring them back to their original size, and then they'll stretch out very quickly again after being worn.
I actually just made a spreadsheet of all my clothing items, grouped by style/setting. It made me realize I have most areas covered pretty damn well, which is a welcome change in perspective after voraciously reading these forums (and seeing or hearing about all the stuff I'm "lacking"). We'll see if it'll help curb my spending habits. As for stylistic diversity and experimentation, I'm all for it. Of course, being a tall, slim white guy means almost all styles are...
Most importantly, Jay, congratulations on your job offer and I wish you the best with your new line of work. But it's a shame we won't see your designing and dyeing skills at work anymore. Your product was better than 95% of its competition, easily. When you factor in the price point, I think you blew everyone out of the water. But I guess success in that biz doesn't really correlate with actual value - witness all the overpriced garbage that fills the racks in...
All the RRL's I've seen on ebay are either washed (distressed) or one-wash. The sizing depends on the model. I have the one-wash "Lowrise Bootcut," which is probably the screwiest in terms of sizing. It's tagged a 29x34, but it measures over 35 inches in the waist. I am normally a 32x34, and this pair fits me well (the larger waist works because the rise is a mere 9.5 inches), so I'd recommend a 29x32 for you in this cut. I can't help you with the "Slim Bootcut" or...
A couple things on ebay this week: 1. A blue-green dress shirt by Borrelli in size 15.5 / 39 (36 inch sleeves): 2. A pair of merlot "Bridgeton" loafers by Allen Edmonds in size 10.5 D:
Mostly marketing mumbo jumbo, IMO - "relaxed" plays well with the overweight, comfort-oriented middle-aged crowd, while "loose" is more appealing to a younger, skater/hip hop sort of demographic. Same meaning, though - roomier than a regular fit.
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