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I actually think the boots linked to by the OP look fairly decent. In fact I like them better than the Pradas, although the Jill Sanders look best to me out of the four (they look even a bit R.M. Williams-ish). I think for the style that the OP seems to be going for, though, Varvatos would be a good option. Virtually all his boots have some sort of distressed finish, although I don't seem to recall brogueing on any of them. The price point is similar to Bally but...
Watch out, though - Scoop doesn't allow returns on "Final Sale" items. I got burned on that one once.
He really gives short shrift to shoes (say that 3 times fast)...I guess because footwear isn't part of his franchise? As for the other stuff, I agree it's a mix of silliness and truisms.
1) After seeing huge sunglasses become the ubiquitous trend in women's fashion, it's kind of disappointing to see it also spill over into men's. 2) Although I appreciate incongruity on occasion, the shortness of the coat combined with the classic duffel features doesn't appeal to me. 3) I like the bootcut odd trousers (not the suit pants) allright, and the melange sweater and gray bomber. 4) Too many dark colors that don't complement each other well. 5) The DB...
It's 3 7/8" at the widest point. EDIT: Actually, there's a chance that it could be linen. There's no fabric tag, but it does have a stiffness and tendency to wrinkle that suggests linen.
It was from Blondy's Bay Auctions, a well-reputed ebay seller. I have no idea how old it is.
Sure thing... The tag says "Made by Hand / Made in U.S.A. of Imported Fabric." Although I'm terribly inexperienced in this area, the silk doesn't feel particularly impressive to me - somewhat thin and stiff.
It seems that RLPL has changed tiemakers multiples times. I understand the English made ones were T&A, and the Italian ones are Altea. However, I came across a "Made in the USA" RLPL tie and was wondering who might have made that.
Alternative Apparel white burnout tee These Mason's pants: These Miu Miu denim sneakers:
Are not many if not most of the Japanese one-wash jeans also unsanforized? My understanding was that they are made from the same ubiquitous unsanforized raw denim, which is washed once to minimize further shrinkage.
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