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Quote: Originally Posted by turbozed ^ Some camel toe action going on with those shoes Hah, you're right - I can only hope it's marginally less obscene than the other kind. At least it's in the vicinity of where toes are supposed to be.
Victoria Grantham down vest (converted from a jacket by zipping off the sleeves) Trovata l/s t-shirt Seiko diver's watch bridle leather strap, vintage Winchester buckle Howies OSD Diesel sneakers
Howies OSD, hang-dried after their second wash, which left them stiff enough to stand on their own. Check out how, when viewed from the inside, the honeycombs are defined by indigo staining of the weft threads rather than fading of the warp threads.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha go to a thrift store and get some bobby jones polos. made in italy of very nice cotton, and usually understated golfer logos.(the ones ive seen only have the golf prints inside the button placket) I'll second that. The fabric (mercerized cotton) and colors are nice, and the fit is decent if you size down. I got both of mine thrifting too.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee Cool colours. Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 Gza, that's some hardcore use of color. Awesome. Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart Gza, badical teal zip up sweater! Dig the overall palette! Thanks, guys. I was happy with how that outfit turned out, and it got me compliments on the street as well. Different aesthetic today: Mason's...
Gran Sasso cardigan Bergdorf polo generic red web belt Swiss Army watch Ann Demeulemeester moleskin jeans Dunks
Most black jeans have traditionally been overdyed, meaning both the warp and weft fibers are black. That is why for most black jeans, the outside and inside appearance of the fabric is identical. For blue jeans, only the warp is dyed, while the weft is left either natural (ecru) or bleached white. The contrast between the two colors accounts for a lot of the characteristically attractive aging of blue denim. Most black denim lacks this potential and will instead age...
Quote: Originally Posted by Metal Circus Oh man, Out Of The Closet. When I was little, the "Parking In Rear" was the peak of hilarity. Unfortunately, it's not a great store. It's about as depressing and selection-free as your average Goodwill, except it's campy. Gotta love the basket of free condoms next to the cash register, though.
I'm not in NYC or LA, so I guess "unknown" in this case means "I've never seen it and nothing shows up on an SF search." Xavier Delcour does seem to be cut slim - their size large wool hoodie is almost skin-tight on me, definitely more fitted than American Apparel, for example. I've also mostly looked at pants from Gazzarrini. I ended up getting a pair of distressed jean-cut black cords that came with a little honeycombing behind the knees - something I haven't seen...
Of course, everyone zeroes in on the Jil Sander, Margiela, Dries Van Noten, and Costume National stuff they carry, but I'd like to hear from those who've been more adventurous and ordered things from one of the zillion Italian labels that can't be found anywhere else in the U.S. I've personally had good experience with pieces from Xavier Delcour and Gazzarrini Uomo, but I also like a lot of what I see from Corpo Nove, New York Industrie, and Asola.
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