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Quote: Originally Posted by Tck13 I agree with everything and wanted to add fingertip pushups. They are killer! I realized after many years of going to the gym, that I only got average results because I didn't really like it. I looked for alternatives and found a great book ($20 from called Combat Conditioning (Matt Furey) with all body weight excercises. This isn't the only one on the topic but it's the one I can vouch for since...
Another vote for the Gazzarrinis. The first pair make me think "maternity jeans" with their color and elastic waist. I have a pair of distressed cords from Gazzarrini that I'm very happy with, and definitely other examples of trousers from them have piqued my interest. When I posted about a related subject several weeks ago, others on the board concurred that their pants are their best product.
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 Yup, my mistake, thought I saw a toe cap and laces. Looks like they've been well-loved. You were partially right - mine are a vintage model that actually do have toe caps (but no laces). The photo I posted is not of my particular pair; I just stole that image to illustrate their most distinctive feature. As for being well-loved, I'm sure they were well-loved by the real soldier who owned them before...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiger02 Good look, I've been really impressed with most of your outfits. Minor quibble: I'm not getting a really good look, but I'm pretty sure those are paratrooper boots, not tanker. The pants are obscuring the distinguishing buckle-and-strap closure. This is what they look like:
These pants were unusual in that they were sized according to the American rather than European sizing sytem. They are size 33, and they actually do measure 33" in the waist. However, I've found that the European-sized Costume National pants run a little large. I'm a 32-33 waist, and all the size 48 Costume pants I've tried on have significant room to spare, even though most other designers' 48's fit me perfectly.
Yoox - gotta love their selection of Costume. I notice they even have a matching t-shirt:
Surface 2 Air fleece shirt-jacket Supreme t shirt Swiss Army watch BDU belt Costume National cargoes tanker boots
I'm a little surprised by how jeans are most people's no-brainer option for heat. Lightweight cotton and linen pants are generally more breathable than denim, especially the kind of 13+ oz denim preferred by most denimheads. Another thing that should be mentioned are Topsiders, sans socks. Just don't plan on doing much walking in them, unless you're a masochist.
They have the distinction of being on the original "Top Ten Jeans" list, so that's gonna be worth at least a $50-$70 markup on this board.
I agree with Brian, especially on Margiela, who seems to work only with unique and quality fabrics. On the other hand, I would doubt that the Costume shirts linked to above are exceptional in that regard. That said, the fit of their shirts is reliably slim.
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