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I especially like a zippered cardigan with a tie. Or a casual jacket, perhaps a wool milsurp or one that's styled like a classic denim jacket (not necessarily made from denim). Also consider wearing the tie loosened, with the top button of your shirt undone. Again, the idea is to avoid the conventional tie-wearing professional appearance.
CP Company is a great innovator when it comes to fabrics and details in their jackets. The cut is generous as LA Guy mentioned, and the rest of their line strikes me as mostly run of the mill sportswear, although I have a couple knits that I like. I actually bought and kept that waxed cotton jacket from Yoox after gamelan returned it, and I agree it's a very cool fabric - the look they achieved is quite similar to distressed leather. It's funny how the same brands...
Quote: Originally Posted by amirrorcrackd How's the screenprinting quality on those? Thanks, Dan I'm not the best judge of this, but I can say the prints have held up quite well after many hot wash/dry cycles. They've actually proved more durable than the prints on my Threadless shirts. Both sites use AA blanks.
The toe box may be low profile like you say, but the heavy stitching where the upper meets the sole makes them look very substantial; I too think they'd look great with baggy jeans/pants.
If you're still concerned about the fit, a tongue pad can be very useful in a shoe that's too long.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alfa Any idea if ASAP means the shirt is finished and will be sent out to you shortly, or does this mean, "yes, we have received your order and we hope to start making it soon"? The latter has been the case for my 2 most recent orders.
Some of the fabric names state "Soft Cotton." You may want to try one of those.
I came across these old but virtually unworn monkstraps from C&J. Inside the heel the word "Welbeck" is written underneath "Crockett and Jones." However, according to Plal, the Welbeck is now a black semibrogue: On the side of the sock this is printed (not handwritten): H6628 P1669-74 250 10 1/2 E On the sole there is more printing. At the waist are the words "ALL LEATHER made by Crockett &...
Quote: Originally Posted by alexpham Fakes tend to fit like a blanket. And does anyone ever really want a fake anything if they can help it? Real Polo-RL shirts tend to fit like blankets too. And if my standards have already fallen so far that I'm looking to show off an oversized pony on my chest, then I don't think I'd be so concerned about authenticity. After all, the "real" and the "fake" shirt are fundamentally the same thing: a...
I never understood why people even care if something as ostentatiously logoed as this is authentic or not. If the only distinctive feature it has to offer is that logo, does it matter if it really came from the actual Polo factory or not?
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