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I've used the Jennings that was posted earlier for years without issue, and have no desire to switch. I see it in many high end coffee shops. Accurate, fast and durable. Only slight downside is it only measures in .5g increments.
I have a lido 3 and I have some slight vertical play
Sorry, I meant Napoli
Mine's a 2 button Milano and has the issue
I got a MTM at the Chicago store. Overall I'm very happy with the suit, quality and fit. There is one aspect of their suits that bugs me I haven't seen mentioned, the roll of the lapel. It seems like the canvas is pretty thick, or maybe it's just a construction issue, but the lapel, when the jacket is buttoned does not lay completely rolled smoothly, but rather, there are "protrusions" from the canvas. This is something you can see on their models on their website, and...
This is sold, thanks.
Sorry, can't go that low. Item still for sale.
Price dropped to $450
I have two Women's Turnbull and Asser shirts for sale at $75 each including shipping within US. The first is a blue herringbone with french cuffs. The second is a black tuxedo shirt. It's hard to tell from the pics, but the shirt is still dark black, very little fading.
For sale is a Ghurka Cavalier III weekend bag in Khaki and Twill for $450 including shipping within US. Price new is $895.00 I've had this bag for 5 years, and in that time I've used it probably 3-4 times. I just rarely find myself traveling for a short weekend. The bag is in very good condition due to the light use. The leather has been conditioned over the years. All the hardware is brass. Definitely a very high quality piece. The khaki has a few small marks from...
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