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Well, they are mine for a steal
I also picked up a pair of pre-used (lightly) mancini loafers that i got for a STEAL because of one of the shoes being a bit of disscoloured,. hard to distinguish in the pictures but the top of the right shoe goes in a dark blue tone and the heel is kinda green. will i have to strip the colour and dye? or will a good cleaning and some regular black shoecream sort this out?
bought these
At mr wooster on the left.
my most recent items;
Notice the leather on the left shoe being alot rougher, is this a sign of over/under-exaggerating of shoecream? the only product ive used on the boots is the Saphir Creme Surfine.
Can i spray them down or do i need to be cautious with the types of products i use?
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