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winter boots / beaters ? vs
hi guys, I found what i thought was a REALLY good deal on some YSL rolling sneakers in what i unstand is the "classic" model? Seller tells me they are authentic but since i havent owned any ysl yet i want to be safe before sorry. Both white and black is available. The pictures i received which are kinda bad: What should i look and ask for when buying YSL from private sellers?
Got these for like 15$ also could anyone tell me the model of these
Red Wing Heritage X Nigel Cabourn - The Munson Boot
so what about these?
Hi guys, Im problably going to pick up 2 pairs from a friend of mine who buy big batches from companies getting liquidated (sometimes seconds but overall very good condition) and sells them for a very resonable price, a steal actually. These are availably atm, haaard to pick, any that floats your boat?
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