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Not sure about the color but this would be a very very good deal, I prefer not going the route buying because its cheap but a good deal is a good deal, right? And im so often play safe with colors nowdays, maybe it would be cool with a light colored leatherjacket for contrast? I once had a White bikerjacket that i wore it everyday and everywhere, i completely trashed it in sand and dirt, it was the coolest jacket ever.... Does this one have any potential with some wear?
Tart Arnel Blackwood Almost a perfect match to the Moscot Lemtosh Black Crystals. I found them to be about 100$ cheaper so might be an alternative?
Ambivalent silk 51%, cashmere 49%
Whyred Göthberg
Just got these, sorry for the choice of words, but they are... lovely. This is also a fairly recent purchase .
Whyred Göthbergs.This light grey was problably SS11.Model is still in production and there are still some nice colours available: also debating on picking these up, dark green suede:
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