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Just had my eyes on these in a similar color
Todays arrival, nothing fancy but could work out as beaters. (I was out of proper shoe trees)
Clean or boring?
some recent
Not sure about the color but this would be a very very good deal, I prefer not going the route buying because its cheap but a good deal is a good deal, right? And im so often play safe with colors nowdays, maybe it would be cool with a light colored leatherjacket for contrast? I once had a White bikerjacket that i wore it everyday and everywhere, i completely trashed it in sand and dirt, it was the coolest jacket ever.... Does this one have any potential with some wear?
Tart Arnel Blackwood Almost a perfect match to the Moscot Lemtosh Black Crystals. I found them to be about 100$ cheaper so might be an alternative?
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