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I mean deal with them in a more forceful way, not wait for after elections to authorize an attack on the nuclear program
http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Canada+closes+embassy+Iran/7206256/story.html or oot even Canada has more of a backbone than the Obama administration.
Sigh.. nostalgia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c3aXu-0B-w really miss hedi-dior the only designer I've ever been amazed by, and wanted pieces from every collection, plus the quality kicked every other designers ass, hope he recreates that magic at (y) S L , havent been a sw&d fan since he left dior and cloak shuttered for good. the mid 2000s was defintily the golden age for SW&D
really? its exactly how i expected it to be
look at his record lol doublespeak
chris collinsworth and al michaels looking very sf-approved
got a new ovadia & sons shirt $40, crockett & jones blue wingtips $110 drakes grenadine $22 and some beautiful Salvatore Piccolo ties $30 at the barneys sale, plus met gale bedeker/danel hardman there too! the Piccolos are my new favorite ties! anyone hear have any experience with them? these are the...
met daniel hardman at barneys warehouse sale today, got a pic with him nice guy
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