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so i decided not to be lazy and moseyed into my local marshalls,tjmaxx, i found a size 42 kiton tux/dinner one button peak lapel really nice jacket for $299 kiton shirt in herringbone blue for $89 3 white brioni cufflink shirts for $89 mcqueen mcq blazer for $100 then found a really nice polo blue label by corneliani size 40 navy blazer 3 button with those really nice leather buttons and patch pockets with a flap. for 189.00 then came the good stuff lol found a polo...
i met matt dillon twice he is pretty short and hes always trolling
barry rocks! the wannabe barry on the texas show is terrible (looks like groucho marx), hester is annoying but i hate the new chick nabila
clay is the human version of muttley
my eyes my eyes!
nice deal on a goyard these are hard to find http://www.ebay.com/itm/Goyard-Chevron-Majordome-50-Soft-Leather-Suit-Case-Black-/140675617974?pt=Luggage&hash=item20c0eb94b6
i love cps been wearing them for over 4 years cant wear anything else, clean cool design, comfortable and no big logos but the "right" ppl know your cool of course ive never spent over 175 a pair
fake fake fake dont waste spoos time with this one
who found common projects?
jay kos has great stuff, check out his store in nyc you have to make an appointment, but its off the chain, very highend
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