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he of the infamous kiton shoes on yoox
now it looks a little better with the closeup label appears ok, is it possible to get a pic of material tag and lining of tie? unless you want to wait for spoo who probably can probably tell if its versace just by touching it.
versace looks fake
I never said it wasnt a good deal, i was actually interested and the seller seems like a nice standup guy, just that it was a big find in the thread.
i was told to set up an llc , i shouldve. i will this year, i know lots of sellers here did that
lol i see you dont check out the thrift thread,
Guys , nataku created a thread about the paypal 1099 here http://www.styleforum.net/t/286841/question-about-1099-k-form-from-paypal-for-taxes, if anyone can share tips on how we can maximize a refund or deduct from our taxes it would be much appreciated
im having the same issue although im hitting close to 100k, you can deduct your fees, shipping costs, refunds, and stuff you havent sold yet if you have receipts, also i think you can deduct all that gas you used to go thrifting as a business expense, (DONT FORGET TO DEDUCT THE CURSED POLO SWEATER!) so your probably gonna make out pretty good, use a good accountant pay a little more get a lot more back don't use turbo tax.
he was banned for being a rabid anti-semite
those suits in 38 dont come around often , killer haul! im so tempted to kop like 3
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