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i dont think the ones for 199 are cordovan some of the others are
I was reading (insert joke here)the ny post this mornings and there was a full page dedicated to eli wearing zegna and brady wearing tom ford , it was pretty amusing, anyone come across it and care to post a pic for the fellow forumites. got a copuple of nice pics of the 2 qbs, funny thing is zegna the maker of tf so i guess eli owns brady
say what ? pics of the kitons please
its licensed crap not even made by versace
i got in a few more pairs which are available 10.5 tassel 11 tassel 11.5 penny
PLEASE READ ESP. IF SOMEONE PURCHASED FROM ME[/SIZE]just want to update everyone, i got the shipment in just now, unfortunately it looks as though a few orders did not come through, i will contact you over the weekend if there was an issue with your order, im expecting some more next week, so those that got screwed i will try to rectify the situation or refund the money, sorry again, i hope i can accommodate everyone, also the shoes have a slight scuffing on most but has...
spoo ever the clever one
a little more info, my site is running on shopify and i believe its javascript and needs jquey to populatw the uuid into a hidden form field, this is what ive been told im not a techie so i hope that makes sense
hey guys im looking for someone who can solve a problem for a new plugin im having on my yet-to-launch site, anyone with expertise that can help please pm me, im getting desperate and most developers ive contacted have been flakers. thanks!
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