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he wants free shipping on his luxswap purchases
Will do, cash or check?
Spoo chilling with your boy right now Marco Mattiacci
had a good day, nice pair of lobbs, lucien pellet finet cashmere cardigan, libertine blazer, ferragamo fur collared trench, 2 cucinelli jeans, lv shirt,lv cardigan, nwt lv tie?!?, tf tie hope to have pics later
LOL saw them there tonight
getting shatnez out as we speak
have to post, been on a sportscoat kick lately cucinelli attolini tf hermes etc
Thrift the last item was nwt
Wow another sick find! Pics later
Anyone a size 18 18.5 shirt and looking for a lifetime supply of white eton shirts pm me found like 35 of them.
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