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All shipped yesterday, more probably coming in today I def think some more mccallums
updated for sunday
updating now some rlpl models will post more as soon as i can
So sorry wasn't able to will ship first thing Monday morning
Subscribe to this thread moar on the way!
sorry guys been insane i should be shipping friday, bear with on the pms im crazy busy,
ok check my sig and have at it
OK guys ive got the new shipment of marlows pennys tassels, wingtip and lindricks GIANNIS lincolnshire, and a macculum a. first to pay gets them, my paypal is REPEAT no holds first to pay gets em. note: some of these come with box and shoebags some dont have boxes i will not differentiate between the two so be prepared to not receive a box (although most ppl will get full box) also some may have light scratches nothing significant as far as i can...
just checking if a bunch of you guys would be interested in Caruso suits and some sportscoats, all mainline and recent with classic staple colors, in order for this to work I'd need heavy interest, so either reply here or pm me size and color preference, and ill see if i can make this work, its the same stock that vente privee just put up at much more favorable pricing the suits are availbe but in order for me to make the commitment i'd like to see interest as we are...
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