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only got one more shoe in, a 13 lindrick
Pm me
sorry guys for delayed shipping all orders except for one, were shipped today and updated sold
updated again, surprised no one buying the rrl stuff
OK guys ive got the new shipment of rrl shoes and boots a. first to pay gets them, my paypal is howyoudoin26@juno.com REPEAT no holds first to pay gets em. note: these come with box and shoebags also some may have light scratches nothing significant as far as i can tell, these are all sized as marked on shoe all prices include shipping in conus, international is a flat 45 in your payment you must write style and size and ill ship. (will update other models soon) will...
havent been able to ship since the holiday weekend and also in the process of moving hope to ship out all orders tommorow
Don't think those are lattanzi
Is there a pic of the bottom? We can tell if they are lattanzis if you can show us the bottom, don't think they are though.
Yup can't believe it myself, b&s is in bad shape if these aren't flying, how's grailed.com ? Things move?
got in about 20 more pairs giving you guys heads up first
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