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what he said sorry about the error
ok here is what i got lindrick 11 lincolnshire 8.5 10 wingtip 9 9 9.5 9.5 penny 8 9.5 10 gianni 11 11 will update on first post these and as they sell so please refer back to the first post thanks
Good news! Got a new small shipment I'll post the available models and sizes very soon
wow that borrelli is insane, and a 38 to boot, so tempted, if this is unsold b&s is at its worst
correct both are back in house
much obliged, and thanks for everyones purchases so far, for those that ask I get messages all day about other sizes sorry if I don't reply, but if I get more it will be updated here just subscribealso working working on a website and will have an affiliate thread with many great stuffin any case another 2 shoes gone!, get them while you still can
I was selling campagna suits here for 699 couldn't sell it in a year
25 dollars off all shoes bought today, this for 8/21 only!!!
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