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holy shit!
Yes was mine had 2 picked them up for 100 a pop
Think I just got the record fro most expensive tie sold plus profit, 1320 for a tie!
Yup it seems someone is playing games from China, at least I don't have auctions that would really suck
They are not paying these are spread over my 2 accounts
No that's a buyer these seem like bots just making full price suit purchases, it's pretty weird they all have different names and zero feedback I've had since the beginning of the week 15 of these fake purchases
Chinese fake buyers still buying, no one here had the issue ??
The last few days I and a friend of mine got full buy it now prices for our suits, ranging from new to used but pretty high bin, they all seem to be Asian buyers with zero feedback but seperate accounts, I doubt anyone will pay, it's very strange, anyone else have this issue ? (Possibly North Korean hackers? Lol)
refunds have been given out to some buyers, i will try to get more if i do i will contact those buyers first, sorry for taking long to update. thread is updated as of now
Sorry guys been in Italy this week, just got back and need to update the thread, I have a full time business going so sorry if I don't respond in a timely manner, soon things will be more streamlined, unfortunately I oversold some models, since I wasn't able to update when I was overseas, I'll be refunding those that need to be refunded, my apologies I will try to see if I can get some more next week, please bear with me, again apologies
New Posts  All Forums: