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I can say this, I'm working on something big actually 2 things I'll let you guys know first since I think a bunch of You would appreciate it
those trafalgars are money, ive seen some go for over 300
not purple label unfortunately
cloak and slimane dior homme were 2 of my favorite brands i have a ton of cloak pieces including a ridonculus (AMAZEBALLS) 3 piece suit, nice find on the shirt, they dont go for that much on the bay anymore
hope i did ok, basic striped shirts about 15 polos 10, blazers 50, pants 15
bought my first skeets... about 250 of them nwt from shirts polos pants and blazers
he gave us both the same tracking number
first off the guy has an unlimited supply of the same style kiton jacket, second kiton jackets dont have kiton in the lining, third his feedback is private plus he lets his jackets all go for low prices, fourth i happen to know it comes shipped to you from china not Australia, thats just a front so you think its real, the only thing real is the hanger(probably)
thats fake
thought so too, but he messaged me again in a better tone so ill give him the benefit of the doubt
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