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Seriously this show got so bad like a bad network drama
good times spoo i was a guinea pig for luxswap lol , and that wasnt even a bond tie
just got off the phone with ebay, they said i also extorted him because he demanded his customs fees back (which they acknowledge was his extortion) but since i responded that i wont work with him on that end until he revises feedback (which is my option no obligation to do that even if he files a SNAD) i also extorted him so they cancel each other out( WTF??!!) also the fact that he extorted again on the sweater doesnt matter, so i was SOL, so i accepted his offer, great...
have a situation that i need help with, yesterday a buyer who bought 2 thom browne ties from me in japan left me negative feedback saying items were fake, i called ebay they said nothing they can do and try to work with buyer to remove it thru communication , ive been having back and forth with buyer, his claim is there is no tri color grosgrain on tie, mine has gray or white grossgrain, so its fake i tried explaining and offering him to research himslef that alll earlier...
Ok I have a situation, a buyer purchased a Belstaff jacket from me , he's in NYC so there was sales tax he kept bitching about the tax so I refunded the tax, he receives jacket and files a snad claiming its fake, I personally bought this jacket at barneys sale and have a few more that still have tax , his reason for being fake is that it's not waxed, usually I take returns but this guy had pissed me off more than once already, is it worry fighting? I can probably dig up...
wow that must be a record, was just editing and one pair sold! congrats jrd617!
have at it boys http://www.styleforum.net/t/368444/new-shipment-november-13-rl-cordovan-rlpl-and-boots
]OK guys ive got the new shipment of marlows pennys tassels, wingtip and lindricks GIANNIS and even a lincolnshire, also some great purple label shoes boots and. first to pay gets them, my paypal is howyoudoin26@juno.com REPEAT no holds first to pay gets em. note: some of these come with box and shoebags some dont have boxes i will not differentiate between the two so be prepared to not receive a box (although most ppl will get full box) also some may...
Yup maybe for my toddler
ok got a nice small shipment including our new italian friend hope to post tonight please dont pm til then , ill post here the second i upload the b&s post
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