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I would've passed on that McQueen but thanks for the synergy just picked up 5 nwt pieces f
"thrifted" 315 rl ties tons of bleekers rlpl some rrl
Think the 210s retail about 15 or 17k also this one is new
I had a kiton vicuna 97 sold it for 7k the 210s feel like vicuna I was gonna keep it but too scared so not sure , the kitons are all 58 sorry
maybe it's time to look up your ex
Neither lol not even sure how it happened have the jackets the overcoats shoes and suit are now at my office
Not a thrift but pretty close to thrift prices
You want mind blown gif check thrift thread
Just googled it can't find but they retail for like 15k
So far 6 kiton jackets all 100 cashmere one with vicuna and aforementioned barbers a brioni cashmere jacket boglioli suit 3 oxxford overcoats 2 cashmere one angora 7 kiton overcoats 1 Zegna leather shearling brioni super 210s suit and lattanzi by jil sander laceups everything appears to be new
New Posts  All Forums: