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Just hit a nice motherlode..... Still in field wow
Yup and that's one of them
its not a bad thing , im sure there a ton of japanese guys that will go for it regardless, and spoo still waiting for that celine if you got my text
amazing! im about the 1.5 range@brian im pretty sure i saw that rrl in the womens section so doublecheck before listing
those werent from woodbury commons polo outlet? coudve sworn i saw them there a few weeks back
and regarding spoo, he worked hard to get those followers they didnt just appear, if you work hard and photograph well, you can have the same results
nope, too crazy around the holidays
lol am i allowed to say woodbury again?
Thanks! irregular in this case means that they might have a few nicks, but its linen so doesnt really stand out much
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