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i removed the link, couldnt care less about making a sale these suits sell themselves was just trying to help members get a tf suit at a better price, carry on, the thread vigilantes have spoken
thanks! only reason i posted the link is because i saw an interest in the tf stuff so i thought i could help some members get tf at a better price, no harm intended and i dont really care about self promotion if you look at my posts. i actually think this thread was started by jrd because of my rl b&s thread.I'd rather sell everything on the forum, its just gotten so difficult due to the new rules and forum switchover.
in other news i have access to some classic low whites low black hi whites and hi blacks,, would anyone be interested in like 35 below retail? not really making much, just trying to help out if there is an interest then i can potentially get some.
Haha he sold out of 4 as then has more and agrees to sells for cheaper, oh and also has no other items for sale
Haha this joker said he already shipped even though payment is pending lol since he saw in my feedback I'm honest
I think ill just file my cancellation right about now...
I've seen great deals out of Italy that are legit, like those rick Owens leathers a while back for like 650
I took a shot since it's Italy and if it's fake I'll just file a snad no big loss
great day today, 3 millers oath suits, lobbs with trees, hermes shoes, 4 thom browne pants,2 vacca white shirts,2 zegna shirts, loro piana vest,3 timothy everest suits
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