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https://www.facebook.com/HODINKEE/posts/10152546237930124 best goodwill pickup ever
a sample http://www.styleforum.net/t/183537/sissy-spacerock-proudly-introduces-the-waluigi-borrelli-x-ebay-collection/0_100
yes sissy spacerock was his name in the forum he had the most entertaining classified posts, i believe he and that bijan guy i got the most laughs out of.
Check your email
ah the wild west of ebay, miss those days
thanks man, you are truly one of the best customers I've ever dealt with happy new year!
holy shit!
Yes was mine had 2 picked them up for 100 a pop
Think I just got the record fro most expensive tie sold plus profit, 1320 for a tie!
Yup it seems someone is playing games from China, at least I don't have auctions that would really suck
New Posts  All Forums: