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Yea I'm so busy these days I sub all of to out to this seller
That's my auctions
Ties now on myhabit for 99
Marinella ties for 99 at myhabit
Just stopped by that sale today I couldn't believe it, cashmere blend Cesare attolini scarves for 125 grabbed like 4 , stock was running low when I left.
I think Sunday thru Friday (they seem to be Jewish they close early on Friday and Saturday is closed) def room to negotiate got 10 marinellas for 78 a piece advertised at 95
Yup seems they are getting more merchandise in , jay who manages the store is actually the owner of the knottery
There's a pop up just opened on corner of 41st and lex brands I see so far , marinella tom ford Isaia brioni Cucinelli also great sw&d stuff lots of lvc , givenchy balmain Etc will try to snap pics
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