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Picked up some Acne Studios Ace UPS Aloes, my size (32x32) but SUPER slim and not sure if I should wear pants this tight anymore (5.25" cuff width )
Underpriced consignment. Traded a couple old Ben Sherman shirts for it.Leather/wool Brioni full zip cardigan thing. Size Large, fits like M. Seems very recent?(price spoilered) [[SPOILER]]
Here's that Cuci I picked up yesterday. [[SPOILER]]
Picked up this Brunello full zip, noticed it had some kinda big holes on one elbow but kopped anyways for $12. Figured someone on here might want it. I dunno, turn it into a vest or something. I'll post real pics when I get a chance to take them tomorrow.Can anyone ID these boots? The leather feels really nice, and they have the same hand written stickers on the insoles (ostensibly film wardrobe?) as the mainline Armanis I picked up last week, so all signs point to them...
Saw one of the creepiest things at a local thrift yesterday:This is a store blocks away from the main Scientology building in Hollywood. The Sea Organization is Scientology's navy. I've found Sea Org stuff here before (shirts, peacoats) but there was never anything in the pockets.Here's what I found yesterday:Sea Org uniforms with multiple heavy chains in the pockets, along with old bandaids There was also a weird small picture of L. Ron Hubbard that looked like an old...
what could these be? secret mainline Giorgio Armani PTBs! size 45, available the shoe trees have already helped alleviate some of the creasing, hopefully they'll keep getting better. Oakley "Latch" in matte olive ink/emerald iridium. I normally wouldn't be caught dead in Oakleys but these are much more tasteful than what I usually see them do.. couldn't pass these up for $3. Will probably keep for myself unless someone here wants them.
FFFFFFFFFF @the2ndhandman
not sick of finding Kiton this week. I assume same guy who donated the 3 Kiton jackets I picked up a couple days ago. Non-spoilered for maximum effect Lanvin by Cornelliani, 44 Luciano Barbera, half lined, 44 Luciano Barbera 100% Cash, 44 Kiton 100% Cash, 44 Kiton 3 piece, diamante blu super 150s. 44 Loro Piana mainline unlined 46% Linen, 46% Cashmere, 8% Silk, size 46 Oh, and a pair of Incotex super 100s (feel like 34s? I didn't check)
That Filson garment bag
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