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Grabbed a coffee with @colorvision at Espresso Profeta yesterday. Great to meet you!Picked up some worn once or twice Acne sneakers, size 44 [[SPOILER]] Some of the local stores got a big donation of the leftover inventory from the Shades of Grey sample sale. One of the ladies at the store saw me looking at the inventory on the floor and she took me in the back and let me pick out a few more things.Fuckboi suit, 38 [[SPOILER]] Black suit, 38Blazer, 38Black patch pocket...
just a few in the field snaps, too lazy to take real pics right now. all available! 2x Zegna, 4x BB Makers. all clean AF Road Runner ATA music gear case/guitar pedal case presumably. will flip easily on CL. Was very disappointed to find this empty and not full of vintage Maxon stuff Restored Alden PTB, size 10 (my size but available if someone wants them). Currently stuffed with shoe trees awaiting a good polishing. Gustin size 34 selvedge straight denim.
Ini Cooperative sample snowboard jackets [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Recent trade from @EasyE - Thanks dude3x J. Crew Ludlows, 42L 44L and a 42L in that order [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
All available size 31 waxed Dior Homme denim. ("hemmed" AKA cut with scissors to 32 inseam) [[SPOILER]] Size S Band of OutsidersYSL Rive Gauche Size 38 blazer. Hard to photograph but the fabric has a little color shifting quality [[SPOILER]] Polo Silk/Cotton pants with side adjusters, 33/32 [[SPOILER]] Black Label striped pants, 34 [[SPOILER]] RRL Dad jeans, 32/32 [[SPOILER]] Hickey Freeman LTD grey flannel NWT, size 37 [[SPOILER]] Jack Spade crewneck sweatshirt, M...
Just a couple pickups today. Lululemon size 6 ladies hoodie, super clean. ebay fodder inaugural year Coachella shirt. look at that outstanding lineup I'll probably keep it and wear it like a poser
Pickups from the last couple days, all availableHelmut Lang parka. Size 50 - only problem is there's a 4 inch rip down the side by the pocket. Anyone want to try and fix it? [[SPOILER]] Emporio Armani Jacket, size EU48. [[SPOILER]] BALLER Polo DB blazer, size 38 [[SPOILER]] BALLER Giorgio Armani mainline suede jacket, size EU50 (fits like a US 44 prob) [[SPOILER]] Zanerobe joggers, 32 [[SPOILER]] Patagonia Raincoat, L [[SPOILER]] Tumi laptop bag [[SPOILER]]
Thanks man. It's a SNZJ21
Brooks Bros Country Club Cashmere/Wool (LP 120's) Valentine's Day blazer. Size 43 [[SPOILER]] Abbyshot Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor cosplay jacket [[SPOILER]] Oliver Spencer 55% Cotton 45% Linen shirt, 15.5 (Fits like a Small) [[SPOILER]] RL Black Label french cuff dress shirt, size 15 [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger India slub madras shirt, size S [[SPOILER]] Billy Reid sweater jacket thing, size S [[SPOILER]] Gant Rugger "The Hiker" field parka, size M [[SPOILER]] Levi's Made &...
VERY OVERDUE post, but I just want to give a shoutout to @drlivingston for the xmas exchange haul. I was out of town for about a month and finally have had a chance to get pics of everything he sent. Very generous dude. I can't believe how much awesome stuff he sent.NWT Cucinelli Cargo Pants [[SPOILER]] Filson Mackinaw Vest [[SPOILER]] Filson hatHermes fish tie [[SPOILER]] Seiko automatic watch
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