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@eazye it is extremely available
Vivienne Westwood tux, 38AKA Willy Wonka dinner attire [[SPOILER]]
I have a pair of real moonrock 350s that I haven't worn and have no idea how to sell them
God dammit. just heard through the grapevine what I missed out on
They had the McIntosh stuff priced slightly high according to eBay.. They had a 250 priced at $1000. They had some other stuff that I didn't care to research, like a rackmount McIntosh AM/FM radio for $500, etc.
I love finding vintage paperwork like this hahah
Thanks to @SpooPoker for the billionaire estate sale recco. Lots of awesome stuff that was out of my wheelhouse (intricately inlaid furniture, McIntosh amps, etc) but clothes were hit or miss. There were ~30 pairs of black Versace Jeans Couture pants that I didn't think were worth picking up.
Get your Chris Brown on in this skingraft x Android Homme leather snapback
I want those Jil Sander sandals
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