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with the money saved you can pick up a reissue Fender reverb tank
Margaret Howell half lined blazer, size M or roughly 40 [[SPOILER]] Women's Boy Band of Outsiders size 4 [[SPOILER]] Helmut Lang pants, size 38 or EU54 [[SPOILER]]
I love those polo sheets
Thom Browne uses 1-5 sizing and this is a size "1," so roughly a 36 I believe. I wish it fit me I've been lusting after Thom Browne for ~10 years now.. Maybe someday I'll find one for myself
only one thing today again.Who's size 36 and likes 3 roll 2, double vented Thom Browne sport jackets? [[SPOILER]]
Oh, don't worry. That's the goal
Some NWT buckleback G Star Raws that retail for $400 for some reason. 33x32 [[SPOILER]] Outstanding, like new Ledbury + Wiley "Millington" belt. Quick release buckle. I've wanted one of these for a while, too bad it's a size or two too small. Size 32. Retails for $165 and is in perfect condition [[SPOILER]] A L'Objet frame that I paid 3 bucks for, retails for $230
a full black label suit is 100% brag worthy in this or any other universe EDIT: a staple Ludlow is too
Give it a shot
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