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my car says its 110° in LA but I'm out here buying for Fall. You'll notice my photography get gradually lazier as I get hotter and hotter in my non A/C apartmentall availablesize 44 Chester Barrie 100% cashmere houndstooth jacket [[SPOILER]] size 46 Southwick for Epaulet 3 roll 2, triple patch pocket, double vented, soft ass suede elbow patches, etc [[SPOILER]] size 38 Gucci suit [[SPOILER]]
White Acne shirt, my size POP on Common Projects, size 46. Pretty chewed up soles unfortunately. You can't get these resoled can you?
uhhh... deets on the Tom Ford?
Came up on the rare discount store flip opportunity. Zanerobe Sureshot Leather Joggers, 32 [[SPOILER]] Oh, andpop on Yohji. Yohji Yamamoto Pour Homme X2 (M available, L has been claimed)Bizzocchi 17.5/44 white dress shirtThe medium Yohji has one red cuff
Yeah, I did the same thing. I dropped the ball when it was $19.99.. would have been more than happy to pick it up for that.It's awesome in person, and totally deserves more than the cell phone pictures that the seller and I have both taken
E Thrift came in - can't believe I snagged this for $9.99 plus shipping Really wish it fit me - alas, it's a "L" (or 44/46 prob) RRL unlined, unstructured Irish linen triple patch pocket 3 roll 2
hit a store between meetings today. Chino day over here. All available for trade Unis chinos, size 32 but let out to a 17" waist [[SPOILER]] Left Field 13 oz olive Japanese Duck Miner chinos, 33 [[SPOILER]] OAK NYC, marked "XS" but have a 36" waist without being cinched with the self belt. [[SPOILER]]
Great - make sure to put "cookie patch" in the description if you're flipping. Make sure to cater your listing to lo heads as much as possible and you'll do well.
Top - possibly- is it a snow jacket? Yes if so. Bottom - no
Hey is anyone near Studio City and can proxy? @IRKSM hit me up and wanted that purple corduroy Dries suit. I'm back in the east side and can't get up there the rest of the day.
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