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Really nice, NWOT APC tweed, size M. Available as its slightly too big for me. (roughly 40R) [[SPOILER]] A J Crew I picked up for myself, nothing special but I liked the pattern
Bought a couple more things today. All available.Officine Generale popover. fits me pretty well so it might end up in my wardrobe [[SPOILER]] Recent, staple Hugo Hugo Boss (this is the good one, right?) [[SPOILER]] POP on Hermes. Women's cashmere turtleneck. Who has a lady friend with a cold neck?
Who wears size 30 and likes EG? [[SPOILER]]
Who needs some size 12 AE Strands? Thanks to the donor for putting on new heels before donating!I kinda paid up for them but there's another pair of black ones at the store if someone wants those too. [[SPOILER]]
Haha no its just a heinously bad fake
POP!! super rare polo/us polo assn collab
Just a couple pickups.. both my size but I can't justify keeping them right now so available Brooks Brothers made in USA longwings (AE I believe?) [[SPOILER]] quarter lined Margaret Howell, S (roughly between 38 and 40) [[SPOILER]]
brought some clothes to crossroads and picked up some underpriced consignmentsAPC, NA [[SPOILER]] LVC, NA [[SPOILER]] Our Legacy, 50. Available (wish this fit me, fits more like a regular L) [[SPOILER]] recent Zegna pinstripe suit, 44. Available [[SPOILER]] recent Zegna charcoal suit, 44. Available [[SPOILER]]
who is size 44 and likes recent zegna suits?
Brioni is fake sorry
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