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Stuff from the last week or so. I've been trying to pick up more fodder than usual. Trying out different types of things than I might normally pick up.Steven Alan faux popover, SVintage, made in Italy, wool Fila (not sure if this is desirable or not but I thought it was fun and I didn't pay a lot) [[SPOILER]] LVC, XLFilson Twin Lakes shirt, S. Traded with Versace Guy but its too big for me (fits like a big M or L)Aether primaloft jacket, MPatagucci Synchilla, Men's L...
A little inspiration for those who collect vintage tees
This is the only stamp I've been able to find, and its on a bunch of the piecesmore pics [[SPOILER]]
@Principle Its really just flat shelves, those brass mounts, three drawers and the wall strips. It came apart pretty easily and fit in my hatchback without a problem. The worst part was brushing out the decades of vintage dead spiders and nests
@hansderhund @txwoodworker Thanks! I think it'll really shine after I oil up the wood and get some brass polish on the hardware. I was shocked to see the non-oxidized brass when I pulled it apart.
Picked up a midcentury, Danish modular shelving system at an estate sale this weekend. Another section with a desk unit I thought it was the Poul Cadovius Royal System at first, but the mounting holes are on the front, not the sides. Any midcentury experts know exactly what system I'm dealing with here?
Just had a fantastic e thrift experience.. I hope the guy actually follows through and sends it to me. I was planning on paying full price ($58 a yard) for 6 yards of this upholstery fabric to reupholster my couch. I somehow just snagged 25 yards of it for about half the price of one yard, total.
Beams+ (Made in Japan), Large [[SPOILER]] I believe this is a POP for me on Polo Country, Large [[SPOILER]] RRL Selvedge Officer's Chinos, 33x28. There's a little hole near the pocket but I can't ever leave RRL behind [[SPOILER]]
NWT Ksubi x 3, all size 32. all samples. "Rocky" jean in "Clas-Sick Stoner" "Chitch" jean in "Laid-Black" "Chitch" jean in "Newbu" Recent Zegna 70% Wool 30% Cash very lightweight sweater, L PONY "Product of New York" sneakers, "Tribeca Mid" in "Dusty Rose," e thrifted for myself
Picked up this charcoal Purple Label orphan today, figured its staple enough that someone might want it for a beater.No size tag, but pit to pit measures 23.5" [[SPOILER]]
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