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Quality over quantity today.really clean raw Diors, 31. Available. [[SPOILER]]
Thought I was about to pick up a nice RRL flannel..But it turns out to be a pop on KIKIT by Maurice Sasson [[SPOILER]]
Hit a rummage sale that I frequent and it delivered as per usual! Apologies for the bad pics of wrinkly clothes.All available and all have a hint of purpleRecent Oxxford cashmere, super nice in person. 42L [[SPOILER]] Zegna purple pinstripe, 40R. Having trouble capturing how awesome this one is IRL [[SPOILER]] recent Zegna Su Misura, green/purple prince of wales in silk/linenI haven't measured it but it fits between a 40 and 42 with kinda slim shoulders. [[SPOILER]]
that Cucinelli leather
Don't remember if I'd posted these or not- I picked these up a while ago and gave them to my brother, he gave them back because his feet are too wide. Can anyone help ID the skin? They're Walter Newberg for Wilkes Bashford What about this BB belt? Is this a skin or printed? The content tag was removed
those are jordan 13s and worth picking up
@hooker4186 Thanks - I thought that "8" was the letter "B" so my googles didn't turn up anything.
Pretty good day out today - all available unless otherwise markedNike turtleneck, for self. Looks like it was worn once [[SPOILER]] RRL Buckle Back Selvage Officer's Chinos, size 36. Second pair I've found this week, totally different stores. [[SPOILER]] 3Sixteen, size 38. Nicely broken in Can't find a model number on these [[SPOILER]] Isabel Marant for H&M EU 36 US 6 embroidered pantsMcQueen slip ons, size 44Love finding Margiela in my size.. Available though because I...
(foot pictured in photo N/A)
One thing today- RRL Selvedge Officer's Chinos, 34. Available [[SPOILER]]
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