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You may consider The Andover Shop and J Press.
I can't remember the last time I paid full retail for a tie with the exception of a black grenadine I got from Sam Hober. The tie is well worth it and Dave is good guy to deal with. -Alex
CS, That's a beautiful carry on. Is that a 22" or 19" version? I take it that's calfskin, not the regular full grain? Luckyguy
Although it may not be one of the sleekest last from EG, it certainly has a classic look and I like it myself. The 202 last resembles the Hampton last of Alden which I also like alongside the Aberdeen.
Tumi and Filson are great. Hartmann used to be better; their old lines are great quality. Having owned all those brands, I found that I enjoy using my Glaser Designs duffel bag the most. GD is based in San Francisco; although their bags are not inexpensive, the quality of leather and workmanship is commendable. Luckguy
Not that you need another vote; it definitely looks like shell. Good looking shoe, Doc. ~Luckyguy (Alex)
I would wear knit tie with width between 2" and 3".
Quote: Originally Posted by blank I need to see the size before I get it, and while eBay has some good prices, I'd have no chance to return if I didn't like it. and I'd get tan Among other leather briefcases, I have one of these. It is a very versatile, virtually indestructible bag. I like the ruggedness of it. The official dimensions are 16 1/2" W x 14" H x 7 1/2 " D.
Teddieriley, Fantastic looking shoes. Enjoy them in good health!
Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild Hello, I thought only the bals were on the Hampton. Can you share where you found this info? Thanks Sorry to confuse you. I was referring to warlok1965's comment, the BB perf shell he got, not the captoe blucher from BB or Alden 2160 in Aberdeen last which I happen to have also.
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