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just knocked $20 off each pair, I want these to find good homes! Any US36s out there?
SOLD BNIB Ralph Lauren shell cordovan loafers by Crockett & Jones. These have been pretty well covered on SF. Come with box and bags. I ship USPS Priority within a day of payment. PM with any questions...
Ugh. They should teach this sort of thing in High School so you don't buy 12+ nice pairs of shoes to only have to flip half of them a few years later on B&S!!!
I've worn size 9.5-10 sized shoes for quite awhile and over the last 6 months noticed that several pairs of shoes are uncomfortable due to less room in the toebox. At first, I thought it was just random but as it happened consistently I took notice. I dug around online and found a handful of articles saying that after 40 your feet don't grow, but the tendons/ligaments start to stretch out a bit and thus it's not uncommon for shoe sizing to go up. Anyone else experience...
added a pair of 36 Incotex chinolinos today 4/17/13
I've got a nice assortment of size 34 and 36 pants, all very high quality Made In Italy. 1. G. Vasta flat front corduroys. Size 34/EU50. Made in Italy. $79 shipped. FF NWT. 98% cotton. Brown with a hint of maroon underneath. W17, FR 9.75, K 9.5, LO 8.5, 36.5 unfinished 3. Valentini 100% linen white casual pants Size 36 NWT. Get ready for the Hamptons with these. Split waistaband, triple closure, etc. Waist 18.5, Front Rise 11.75, Knee 10, Leg Opening 8.375, 38...
It's all done now. Shoe selection was very low as of 4PM today. There were some nice leather and shearling outerwear in EU50, but even 85% off of 9500 is still not exactly cheap. All relative I guess...
starting in size 44 EU or what they called 10 US and up there was a decent assortment, all 80% off list price. Most shoes were 2970, so roughly 600 plus tax. I tried on some pairs and found they ran big by at least 1 full size. Maybe others can chime in... There were some nice balmorals, some pointy some more traditional.
if you have small or big feet there are some nice shoes to be had at 80% off. Some nice tux shirts that were used in shoots at 90% off in the as is section. Lotta colorful belts in exotic skins if that's your thing too..
1/30/13 Update - added a really nice pair of wool pants from Pringle of Scotland.
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