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May I suggest nesting tables instead of a coffee table? Practical and whimsical.
Transfer to a big university in a big town. Find a girl/boyfriend and get on with it. Stop looking back so much.
You're in the doghouse, sir, for passing on the New York City picture.
I like it. Reminds me of Girl with A Pearl Earring; similar response but with more economy.
I was at the thrift-a-roony today and spotted two pairs of Alden shortwings, both 11C -- not my size -- medium brown and black calf, excellent condition, on what appeared to be the Aberdeen last. Fifty dollars per pair. I passed.
I second Artnet. Seems to be what most pros use. I own Benezit Dict. of Artists and can generally get by with the records it contains, even if they're a few years old. My maxim though has been, If it looks good, it is good, irrespective of who the creator was and what their track record is.
fuuuuuck. what size were those?
I like the painting. $1500 wouldn't be out of line, not having the picture in my hands for inspection. A $200 - $300 cleaning might make a world of difference, as I'm sure you know. I also respect your appreciation for keeping the"gallery glow". Anyway, you pays your money and you takes your chances.
I can speak to the condition, perhaps. Lined. Masking varnish? Use of bitumen indicated by chunky crackling: Mid-19th C.? English, after Dutch Italianate? Might look a good deal better after a professional cleaning. May in fact look worse. Shows some signs of a previous over-cleaning, esp. in the foliage. I recommend a uv and infrared inspection before entering any possible negotiations.
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur whiskey lhs Hi sailor. Wanna go around?
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