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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I'm not sure how this could be any less sartorially remarkable: Toby Maguire?
I work in digital advertising and had the reps from F&W, Departures and Travel+Leisure come into our office. I can PM you their contact info if you would like to get in touch to get ideas on offline pricing. Their online prices tend to be very high, so just a word of warning.
Haha, I like your description on the price cut. I'll take the sportcoat if still available.
I'm going to nab this one. Late father's day gift.
Agreed. I need to visit Sid soon and check out that shop. I've heard nothing but great things. I'm having ACL surgery this month, but will still try to make it once we settle on a date. Just look for the guy hobbling in on crutches.
I'm an OTP'er (Alpharetta), but I'm still willing to make the trek down there for a few drinks.
Quote: Originally Posted by randallr Why cant these be a true 32? Wish I was still a 32....oh college days. Probably need to hit the gym soon.
PM sent
Haha, nice. I can do the week of the 27th this month.
Being a Florida grad and being amongst all you UGA grads, should I wear a pair of jean shorts?
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