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thanks for the leads, Gents. Good to know that it's not readily available. I'm fascinated by the combo. Hard to see in the picture but that light stripe has a dull tan/gold in it. A complicated color scheme. ugh. love it.
Can anyone identify the fabric for this shirt from the recent Maigret episode... thanks for any help.
There's so much off-putting in your response that I'm not entirely sure how to respond. Mastroianni quite famously pairs with commercial manufacturers for other movies and there's a noted history of chasing after his eyewear.
Google has not been my friend in trying to track down who made the sunglasses that a blonde Marcello Mastroianni is rocking (sometimes with yellow lenses) in campy thriller "10th Victim". Hopefully the dot pattern will be easily identifiable to someone here. (edited to add better 3 dot detail at temple)
Sharing my experience... I ordered during the Summer sale. I got 8 pair of OTC in summer weight. I have mammoth calves and socks are always an issue for me. Selection was good... enough. My order arrived in about 3 weeks to NYC. The Summer weight socks are thin but by no means sheer. The colors are pretty true to the site. They've all been washed a handful of times and show no immediate wear or fading. My order shipped with two pair of "navy" that were mislabeled...
^ curious about that too.
^ q re fk racer. Was the black and white re-released per that access code this morning? I see they added the teal shoe today again; after a slim few weeks dominated by red shoes. My desire for these b/w shoes is beginning to be heavily taxed by the psy-ops marketing tactics of Nike.
...would that be 10am at Nike
curses. thanks kingsfull and bouds. i've been sitting on that flyknit black and white link for a few months and missed my shot (that 5 minute window of reload). crazy about the hacking of the nike backorders to get the shoes. you wouldn't think "basic" shoes would require such predatory behavior.
It's odd that the b/w flyknits were listed as OoS for a few weeks before they removed them....and still I wait.
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