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Sharing my experience... I ordered during the Summer sale. I got 8 pair of OTC in summer weight. I have mammoth calves and socks are always an issue for me. Selection was good... enough. My order arrived in about 3 weeks to NYC. The Summer weight socks are thin but by no means sheer. The colors are pretty true to the site. They've all been washed a handful of times and show no immediate wear or fading. My order shipped with two pair of "navy" that were mislabeled...
^ curious about that too.
^ q re fk racer. Was the black and white re-released per that access code this morning? I see they added the teal shoe today again; after a slim few weeks dominated by red shoes. My desire for these b/w shoes is beginning to be heavily taxed by the psy-ops marketing tactics of Nike.
...would that be 10am at Nike Store.com?
curses. thanks kingsfull and bouds. i've been sitting on that flyknit black and white link for a few months and missed my shot (that 5 minute window of reload). crazy about the hacking of the nike backorders to get the shoes. you wouldn't think "basic" shoes would require such predatory behavior.
It's odd that the b/w flyknits were listed as OoS for a few weeks before they removed them....and still I wait.
Theory sample sale in nyc at Clothingline is particularly unimaginative this year. Typical basics at about 60-70% off retail. I bought a nice cardigan but I had to look to throw money at anything.
I'm on the fence on some Clark's and Cole Haan shoes. Does anyone know if there are late Nov sales looming at either online store?
sls is the devil. i went nopoo for about six months. at the end i just got really unhappy that my hair always looked sort of frizzy all the time. i may be going back to Terax. I think in the last year they went sans-sls. if i do this, i'll be washing my hair a few times a week alternately with just using water. the less chemicals the better.
i was no-poo for about six months. mostly it left my hair pretty dry and frizzy. i didn't have a love-fest with the process. it would have been fine if i didn't much care how my hair looked, but that's sort of the point. you can't really be vain and no-poo.
New Posts  All Forums: