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Theory sample sale in nyc at Clothingline is particularly unimaginative this year. Typical basics at about 60-70% off retail. I bought a nice cardigan but I had to look to throw money at anything.
I'm on the fence on some Clark's and Cole Haan shoes. Does anyone know if there are late Nov sales looming at either online store?
sls is the devil. i went nopoo for about six months. at the end i just got really unhappy that my hair always looked sort of frizzy all the time. i may be going back to Terax. I think in the last year they went sans-sls. if i do this, i'll be washing my hair a few times a week alternately with just using water. the less chemicals the better.
i was no-poo for about six months. mostly it left my hair pretty dry and frizzy. i didn't have a love-fest with the process. it would have been fine if i didn't much care how my hair looked, but that's sort of the point. you can't really be vain and no-poo.
i got them from either ebay or amazon. cheap. the thought was to use them when i wanted an extra boost (pun intended). 1st dates. important meetings. 1/2" didn't make much of a difference but it changed my behavior A LOT. mostly i didn't wear them. i'm 5'6" and ok with it. much less neurotic and older helps. but lifts are a really inexpensive way to try this out without spending real money on a frankenshoe.walk tall.
i've used .5" lifts for special events. nice little confidence boost, so to speak. plus you don't have to buys special shoes. i don't know what kind of shape you're in but if you started doing yoga you'd probably appear to be at least .5-1" taller because your posture would rock. i find yoga people really hard to ignore no matter their height because they just seem so "on". or, you know, buy a $20k watch.
nice thread. caused me to fish out my pipe.
I'm in NYC, so it'll be easy enough to pop by Barbour and have a little chat. Thanks for shoring me up, Blackhood.
Gentlemen, I pulled my quilted Barbour jacket out to combat the weather and i realized that near the right pocket, and also on the rear, some of the stitching has pulled out–perhaps a length of about half a box or 1 1/2 inches. This means a few loops of thread, pulled up from the quilted stitch. The jacket is a couple of seasons old so i fear i can't approach the maker. The stitch is a pretty obvious part of the jacket's look. Is it better to seal off the stitch and...
looks like some frame makers are beginning to source this as a thing. perhaps somebody ambitious will actually go after a copy or a frame historian will pipe up and settle the debate on the MM regular glasses.
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