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Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Nice. Bet Green Day enjoyed having you in their pit to bring a little testosterone to the show. Hah. This was pre-Insomniac and pre Billy Joe's "I'm a serious artist" phase. They're far off their punk roots now. Christ! That's fourteen years ago. *Feels old*
I actually bought a pattern for a smoking jacket and attempted to sew my own. Weeks passed and I got fed up and tossed the whole project. I would love to find a seamstress to take proper measurements and make it for me. I have considered the Courdaround Reversible Smoking Jacket also. Velvet slippers to match are a much also.
I hadn't considered "visiting cards" before. However, I am really hoping to settle on a design for some "personal" business cards. Something sans contact information with a simple and classy design. I have heard in the past, that if you pull a card out and hand write your contact information on a card, the recipient will be more open to contact later on. They'll see the hand-writing and have a visual memory of you writing on it. It's also good to say something like,...
You guys are honestly making me sick. I'm one of those people who can't seem to wear watches. At least none that I want to keep working for any amount of time. I've always felt I was relegated to Fossils or something cheap because I either lose them or smash them. Then again, that was in my younger days. I shattered my favorite watch on some punks face in a Green Day pit once. Never trusted myself with nice watches after that. Not to say I purposefully try...
Quote: Originally Posted by tricota Meaning you got the plate anyway, and praised the lord that she had to take a cab next time she wanted to go somewhere? Haha! WIN! It was a dinner this past February to honor Danny Karbassiyoon, the first and only American to score a league goal for Arsenal. Now THERE Is a guy who knows how to dress. More photos of the event at my site, including his incredibly beautiful and chill girlfriend.
I'm a former IT drone who weaseled his way into Corporate Security.
Quote: Originally Posted by bomber The DVR was probably the best purchase overall. I'm with you 100% on that one. I had a hard time convincing my wife that TiVo was something which would actually benefit us. We kept missing the first ten minutes of a show, or skipping an episode. We actually got one of the last TiVo models with a DVD burner on it PLUS a lifetime subscription, just before they stopped offering them. We now have shows we...
Quote: Originally Posted by Histrion I'll go with Chelsea only because I like to see Cristiano Ronaldo crying. His latest comments were so arrogant and pompous that he deserves to lose something this year. I'd rather see Cashley Cole cry.
Quote: Originally Posted by :David Who are my Gooners? F*ck the lot tomorrow! Two Gooners right here. Bonus points for holding the '05 FA Cup from the win over ManU?
Space/Time Continuum?
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