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Wow. That's quite a loss. God, Sock it to him.
Just send 'em a fifty with a post-it with your name and "thanx" on it. They'll get the picture.
My wife keeps telling me it's a shame that I don't smile, given all the money my folks shelled out for orthodontia when I was younger. I think I just learned not to smile because of the braces. My teeth are now pretty straight, but could use some whitening. Maybe then I'll smile more. If I do smile, it's with no teeth.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnGeLiCbOrIs I don't know if they are the "best" but I still like Persol. They are still made in Italy and strike me as having high quality construction. +1! I am waiting on delivery of a pair of 2877Vs which I intend to wear as eyeglasses. So they won't have Persol lenses in them, but Zeiss with Teflon protectant and Transitions photochromatic tint. Still, they're a classic look (actually an adaptation of...
Yeah? I wore them yesterday and now they're in the laundry at home. No problem. It's just an excuse to buy another pair. In fact, I'll print out four copies and get a pair tonight, have her grab me a pair. Then, we're driving past another Filene's tomorrow and we can repeat the exercise. heh.
Damn! I JUST bought a pair of pants there YESTERDAY. I was pantomiming a Baseball Catcher and squatted a little too far. SPLIT! Luckily, there's a Filene's literally across the street from my office entrance. Slipped over there and picked up a new pair. I did spot a pair of seersucker slacks that I was considering. Hmmmm.
Quote: Originally Posted by goodlife The problem with doing this on a typewriter is that any stock worth having is not going to work or be ruined by putting it in a typewriter. Even a crappy lightweight stock may not work because the card is so small. If you want your cards to have an artisanal quality have them printed letterpress instead of engraved. If you want to do it yourself you can go on ebay and buy an old tabletop letterpress and a set of...
I will rotate through: Creed Green Irish Tweed Bvlgari Black and Burberry London
OKay. So this is going to probably sound A) Cheap and B) pretty lame. But what would your impression be if you were handed a card that was very nice card stock with a hand-typed contact information. I have access to an older model typewriter and think the uneven type and variation of the letters might make for an interesting presentation. I should think it would be economically better to pick up card blanks and spare the printing expense. Potential Benefits:...
Yeah. I can't believe the paramedics cut his suit! "worth it!"
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