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I'm a beer guy, not that I am a stranger to the finer drinks. But when I'm at my standard pub, I pay $2.50US for my drinks, the house ale. Them's the benefits of being a member of the exclusive mug club.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Good lord those are BEAUTIFUL. Would love to see what lense tints are available. They're HERE! They're HERE! I'm wearing them as full-time specs, so I got the transitions. Haven't seen them go fully dark yet. The new generation transitions are really "fluid" and change their darkness rather quickly to react to the light. But even with a slight tint, these frames are just gorgeous! Pics coming soon.
It was certainly a steamer here in Baltimore yesterday. To top that, the HEAT was on in our office. That's right. They were having technical troubles with the environmental system. It was upwards of 105° in the office. If I hadn't had a standing meeting of a committee I'm heading up, I would have left. To cope today, I am wearing a company Adidas golf shirt (logo'd on the left-sleeve but not obnoxiously). Also brought in a nickel, antique-style oscillating fan...
Avon Calling.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday The Milzen strikes me as too Bruce Vilanch, though maybe the dark lenses would help offset the effect. Yeah. I can see that. Though it takes a whole lot more to push someone into Bruce Vilanch territory. Point I was going for is that I think his face needs a frame which is not only wide, but tall in proportion. Again, Photoshop results almost definitely not to scale.
I have a friend who has a face somewhat shaped like yours. He's looking into getting some Moscots. I think the Miltzen. He's looking for a James Joyce, classic male look. With your face, you want something large and tall, I think. Note, I don't really know what the scale would be, but here's what I p'shopped.
Quote: Originally Posted by datasupa The 17, it refers to your age, correct? +1 When P. Daffy performed with Sting at the Mtv Music Awards that one year, I nearly choked a kid for laughing, "Who that ole white guy be singing backups for Puff Daddy?" If looks could kill.
In college, I had a lot of trouble with my roommate. To the point where I began murmuring, "There's going to be a body." He quickly moved out and I kept the phrase.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i sell my sperm to wealthy clientele interested in ridiculously, ridiculously good looking children. if interested, dont hesitate to pm me. D-d-dad? About my college fund.
Very cool! Not the type of custom painted vans I was thinking of though. "If the van is a rockin. . . "
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