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Still need to get my wife to take photos of the Persol 2877v's. But now I'm obsessed. Since these are transitions, they don't really darken in the car. So now I need cheap(er), prescription sunglasses. And nothing compares to the Persols. I searched around for some other Persols and found these. They purport to be Persol 2548s, which I can't find any other mention of the frame style anywhere. Plus, the Persol logo is on the temple and not the arrow...
Quote: Originally Posted by jakem741 Grabbed a Waterman pen, thats an unbeatable deal. *Note you can get the pen for like 72 cents if you are using google checkout for the first time* Nice! I picked the super budget "might-be-delivered-sometime-next-month" shipping and the Google Checkout promo and it said $0.00.
Quote: Originally Posted by trueforest Does anyone know of any other brands that sell similar types of items, old school but with a bit of flair? Haven't ordered from them myself. But I love looking at the site.
My wife and I recently saw Art Garfunkel in concert with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Incredible show. We see James Taylor tomorrow. God, I feel old!
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i part mine, but only to the left, dont want any negative connotations associated to the side i part it on. I prefer to keep mine regulation; high and tight. You may assume any negative connotations you prefer.
I use the Peterman catalog as reading material while on the crapper. And I totally do not mean this in a bad way. I think the quality of the publication is top notch and enjoy reading it as if it were a Robert Frost poem. I have a small half-table next to the door to my bathroom in the basement (to where my shaving implements and I have been relegated by my wife), on which I keep several Peterman catalogs fanned out for easy selection. That said, I haven't...
I'm bald and am an amateur BBQ enthusiast. I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
That is really a shame, Donald. You know, it's really a kick in the pants that decent, responsible people should be so f'ed over because so many people were ignorant and irresponsible about their own affairs. It's shocking how far-reaching this whole thing is.
Old Spice Sometimes, you've just gotta.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBRex If you like the Moscots, but cant' find them, you can look for something similar, maybe like and try them out to get a feel. Since many times you can get better deals online, just try a bunch on, then go home to order. Yeah. Those Persols are classic. I don't know why I didn't think of those! The Moscots are probably a little more obscure and "edgy". ...
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