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Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc You can stay indoors 99% of the time in Vegas and typically there should be shuttle buses for conventions unless you booked a hotel somewhere far off the strip... Good point. Hotel is the Venetian and the conference is there as well. You're right, I probably won't venture outside. If I do, it will more than likely be in the evening.
What great timing for this thread. I'm headed to Las Vegas next week. I was wresting over this same issue. I'll be at a convention, where I suppose I could dress down a little bit. However, I am hoping to network and score an eventual job with the company hosting. So I want to dress to impress, but also not dress to get heat exhaustion. I would assume the OP's consideration is similar to mine. Thanks for your replies to his question. They're helping me a...
Maybe it's a cult. Kurt Cobain's ashes were just stolen from Courtney Love's house. OMG! Maybe they're going to resurrect him and get the band back together! Grunge 2.0, here we come!
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Started going bald in my early 20s. Took a razor to it and have never looked back. Women in clubs always want to know what it feel like... +1! It is quite the benefit, isn't it?
If you want eyeglasses that are absolutley rimless and look as if you're wearing nothing at all, check out T2 Eyewear. They're flexible plastic. Even with my heavier prescription, mine weighed about five grams. http://www.t2eyewear.com/ I had a pair of these until last week. Incredibly light, and unique. They're the same lenses that Jamie on Mythbusters wears, I believe. I wore them professionally for about a year a half. Gave presentations at work and...
Also, depending on the shape of your cranium, don't be afraid to shave it all off. A clean pate is not for every head. My brother, for instance, shaved his head when he was in high school (too young) and ended up looking like a cancer patient. Now that he's a little older and filling out in the face, it looks much better on him. I shaved my head nine years ago for a Halloween costume and never looked back!
I'm not sure drivers are your best option. I don't wear them myself, but I've seen several posts in here mentioning what horrible foot support they offer and what a pain in the back (literally) it can be to stand and walk in them. I mean, think about it, these are shoes whose sole purpose is to be worn while you're sitting down and not standing on them. They often offer no arch or impact support. They may look "stylish". Sometimes, however, you have to bow to...
Lying back on a blanket at Pier Six pavillion during the intermission of the James Taylor concert. The thunder storms are gone, the breeze is warm, and the Fordham Lager is cold.
Must learn not to read so quickly. I saw "Halloween leather" and was very confused.
Quote: Originally Posted by bargecharge Moleskin: http://www.drugsdepot.com/viewitem.p...IVE_PROTECTION You can get it at any drug store. You're supposed to put in on your feet, but I've used it for in-shoe padding with good results. Seconded. This works great and adheres pretty well. One thing you'll want to watch for is that the edges tend to roll a bit and expose the adhesive. But it's easy enough to pull the tatty old patch off...
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