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I would suggest that's a feature common to tieless BDs (though perhaps not quite to the same extent) and a good enough reason to dislike them.
Haha. I thought only Stitches read my posts that closely.It was actually pretty warm in my flat. But a lesser mortal might have to go outside and would be cold.It's probably been a couple weeks since I went outside on a weekday not looking like this: [[SPOILER]]
It's cold
Liking the Prius collar. Not liking the BD.
Mariano does.
Are you back on that Pitti / fauxtalian stuff? I thought you were successfully deprogrammed years ago...
And you've all reduced me to a dirty mirror bathroom shot. So, in the end, my eventual victory will be pyrrhic.
This one says: "Gee I sure do hope my internship will turn into a fulltime job opportunity!" This one says: "I'm a grown ass man who is not required to wear a tie." This one says: "I'm American and expected to wear a tie but Imma keep it chill / my throat hurts a little from yelling at the TV."
Allora. Time for a better / fair comparison. All shots will, naturally, look great because itchaboy Cantab. But which (ones) look considerably better? Don't rush to answer. You've been lied to for years. This will take some time. We can work through it together.
My dude. My duuude.OCBDs are great. Pair of chinos, sleeves rolled up. Pair of flannels, sleeves still rolled up (cuz I'm always warm, nahmean). APC New Standards with a Beadale or non-martial M65 on the weekend (cuz I am a dad now).Or with a tie like so:I just don't want to see that awkward open roll under a tailored jacket.
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