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Just the thought of you ordering a bunch of different collars stresses me out. I think this all worked out for the best .
Sounds like pretty hard work. Probably best not to put yourself through that ordeal.
You're missing out.
Alumo is great. And oxfords are awfully durable so it's not as if you're purchasing fabric all that often.That said, there are a lot of great really really cheap oxford cloths. I haven't tried the CEGO or Mercer but whatever Luxire uses is as beefy as you like and cheap as chips.In the scheme of things, Acorn oxfords aren't all that cheap and are probably the worst I've seen for bespoke shirts.I've come around to the Acorn basic poplins and twills (all I've tried). ...
Ain't no rule against liking what you like but there's no way Acorn oxford feel more substantial than, for instance, Alumo. The Acorns are definitely thinner and a lot more prone to wrinkles. Really just not as good of a cloth and you can feel the difference pretty easily.
Acorn oxfords suck TBH.
Really like that book.Have gotten two pairs of trousers in the whipcord and am even considering doing a suit in it.
I heard about that a few months ago.I go back and forth on whether to try them again. Once Solito went MIA, I started using Napoli Su Misura. I slightly prefer Solito's cut but really prefer the customer service from NSM.
All worked out well for me.What I ordered was delivered and was fantastic.Would have continued to use Solito had they not gone AWOL - like not even responding to my emails / calls when I went to Naples.Junior seemed like a solid guy. Would be nice if he could put everything right with everyone else.
I think it was jrd who recommended this (on the intweed site): They call it LIGHTWEIGHT TEVIOT TWEED 986 but at 430 gm/m it isn't all that light. In some ways I really dig that moss green color with a hint of blue. But I think I'd probably wear a brown more often. cf the Moonbeam
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