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You first said it doesn't fit. And that statement was pretty objectively wrong.I get that you don't like the uber softness and the low buttoning point but those have nothing to do with fit.I think Luca's buttoning point is probably a shade too low but if you think that suit looks ridiculous, you're again wrong.
So what you're saying is that you don't like it?
I'm not high riser but a low buttoning point gives you a nice long lapel roll and who doesn't like that?
I'm still surprised you've made it this long without trying Rubinacci
Same here.
That's an issue of styling, not fit.
He's in an awkward (not a) pose. But I can't see any problems with the fit.
When did Voxsartoria start selling thrifted suits as bespoke? Inquiring minds want to know.
Voxsartoria is the worst tailor ever.He shouldn't even be allowed to call himself a Sartoria.I'd burn that suit then send it back.
For me, the allure of Solito is the cut. They also did a great job on the fit.In a perfect world, you could get an impeccably made suit in any cut you like at an affordable price. But sadly, you have to make choices.I love the (old man version of) the Solito cut. And the price is awfully good.Workmanship not so much. But a reasonable bespokester, could still use Solito.
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