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That's really interesting. I actually don't know what you'd call that. I always thought miter(re)d was just having the corner cut off. But the whole sleeve is slanted here.Kerry's cuffs look like they're perfectly straight and square. I like the idea of doing it that way but then it has to be looser at the wrist and I'm not a huge fan of that.I'm still as Murican as a McDonalds apple pie but my autocorrect isn't. I suppose I should fight the good fight and keep...
Don't they need to be mitred to appear conical? I thought the T&A cuff was square.I've actually been thinking more about trying three button again since I haven't been wearing a watch as often.
Triple button is definitely a thing. It's incredibly annoying if you wear a watch but it's not terribly rare. John Kerry know what I'm talking about.
Funny enough the shoulder on the Rubinacci is by far the most extended. To the point where people who generally don't notice these things will comment on it.But maybe you mean something else by 'tight at the shoulder point.'
Vox and I are cool. Little known fact - I was also in the cab when he took the photo.
Stitches knows what's up.JRD, we've saved this thread from the fate you imagined for it.
I have a tough time imagining how that would work but I guess you might just be more handy with an iron (and copious amounts of starch) than I am.The collar points have to be fairly long and the collar band quite high for the no-collar stay look to work. You usually only get that with bespoke.
More than that, open patch should have some shape whereas flapped patch should be fairly straight.I think if you get flapped patch and then decide to de-flap you'll be left with pretty lame looking pockets.Though I guess you could just save some material and get totally new pockets. Given the nap on corduroy I don't think that alterations will really show.
GET OFF MY LAWN!I just want to go back to yelling at the TV.
I'd forgotten how often Pingson kills it. This thread reminded me.
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