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Would you make an exemption for The chance to rebaptize him as 'Internet Small-timer' is worth a lot to a lot of people.
Very interested to see these. All the 'Nacc ties I've seen are beautifully sewn in horrendously ugly silks. That construction in better patterns would be a massive win.
In that case I have no objection.
Do you guys have or could you get a fabric like this: Basically a lighter chambray.
This argument cracks me up.Anyone whose clothes fit will stand out so why not wear a safety orange suit?!?How is it not clear that standing out as someone who cares about his appearance is very very different from standing out for dressing like a clown?
Bit late to the party but I'd obviously go purple.Heck make it a full suit for those times when you need a little something extra.
I had the Forerunner 110 with HRM. It was great for what I used it for - basically just HRM and Strava.
Will's posts would have been so much better if they were just words.
Not sure that's much of a question.Uncle Warren's reputation (and frankly amazing track record) allowed him to (1) make decisions independently and very very quickly and (2) basically rent his name out to companies that people were dumping in a panic.No successor has that ability and is unlikely to ever have that ability.
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