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Is it possible to add a Cyber Monday purchase to a Black Friday purchase to avoid paying shipping twice?
I thought he was stepping out with one of the moms at his kid's school.
Wearing a suit to a BBQ is being poorly dressed.
In the US of A, you're almost always allowed to wear a blazer.Whereas I hardly ever see them in London, not counting schoolkids.
I don't mind the look at all but I can understand why someone would.At this point, I think it's a question of expectations. There are enough urban professionally type jobs where people will come in a suit sans tie and hang their jacket on the chair. That naturally filters through to a lot of socializing and becomes somewhat accepted.Whereas a SC, especially when worn with a tie, gives a very different impression. While not entirely, I'd say it's well on its way to be...
pB kinda has a point IMO. A young guy in a city (who isn't an academic) is generally better off wearing a suit than a sportscoat. Suits generally look better and there nowadays don't seem to be many occasions that require a jacket where a suit wouldn't be appropriate. That middle level of formality seems to have disappeared. And to the extent that it hasn't, I think a tieless suit works better than a tied sportscoat. I like wearing a SC and jeans on occasion so I have...
^ TruthI gave up wearing jeans after my freshman year of highschool. Didn't go back until my senior year of college and even then only sporadically. I've been back on the jawn wagon for six years now and... sorry this is a little hard for me... just give me a minute... I hope to never go back to business casual casualwear.
I'll admit that I have not.Do you foo the ascot?
More spread, fused... Sounds like you really want to be wearing a spread collar shirt but don't feel like it's allowed.I believe it was Tennyson who said "free your mind and the rest will follow."
I probably phrased that wrong above. I've been a dad for two years and have been dressing like one for much longer. I'm just happy to finally have an excuse.MOP buttons for a blazer are the bee's knees. Metal is played out. Brown horn isn't a real blazer.
New Posts  All Forums: