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Sugarbutch has done you two favors - (1) telling you what's up and (2) not being as mean about it as he easily could have been.You should thank him twice.
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I probably won't get involved with the order but there are so many cloths there I want to vote anyway.
It is unexpected in the way that a three-piece tweed suit is now unexpected, just to a much lesser extent. Difference of degree, not kind.I have no idea why cloth merchants sell what they do. Some great fabrics are discontinued yet some dogs live on. Which is not to say that cream flannel is a dog - just a general point about which cloths seem to endure commercially.I'm just agreeing with Concordia that it's a bit of a statement. That's hardly a dealbreaker but it's...
Deviation from expectation.Chinos are a very common sight.Flannel is increasingly rare in general and moreso in a color other than mid/dark grey or navy.
I think a dimple might look odd on a tie knot as ginormous as Alden's
Quality tie - square coordination
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