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Get ready for a CUSS BOMB...I am, of course, indebted to
Thoughts on this?Why Only One Top Banker Went to Jail for the Financial CrisisArgues that a big part of the reason that there weren't more prosecutions is that the DOJ has effectively lost that skill.At any rate, I found the history fairly interesting.
CBD isn't about you. It's about the people that you interact with (in 2014).It doesn't matter that you like hats or that hats help keep your head dry.It doesn't matter what someone would have worn 60 years ago.It's about the impression what you are wearing will make on those around you; your motivation for wearing something is irrelevant.Hats, today, are uncommon enough that they draw attention. Whether or not that's the intent, they will always stand out - whether for...
I don't always know what all those words mean in that order but this was definitely the most interesting style interview I've ever read.
W/R/T the CBD-ness, the hat isn't so CBD. And a large polka dots aren't so much either. Ticket pocket is marginal.
NawRight after that Mariano got sick and stopped coming to the US. (Don't know if he's started it back up now.)So a while went by and then I didn't bother to follow up.It's not bad and if I had gotten it at HK prices, it'd be awesome (Though Chan has done a better job for me...). At Rubinacci prices, however, I expected a bit more.
I don't know exactly what value I'd assign to the Mariano eye.I tried LH after fanboying over itsstillmatt's stuff and the results were... different. I suppose not bad but rather meh. Including some JV errors like a loose collar. His styling advice is solid but either the technical understanding or communication with the cutter wasn't perfect. Maybe I was the one slip up in a million so I mean this only as a single data point.I'm inclined to try again at some point but...
There you go. Shows which style I tend to favor.How many of those send just cutters vs a salesperson as well?
For as lame as it sounds, I think the answer has to be to follow your bliss. If you enjoy the chase / trying new places, you'll be happier doing that (at least for a while) rather than settling down right away. If you just want some nice clothes and not an extended not-very-adventerous adventure, save youself the hassle and start a relationship with with a well-regarded tailow whose style / product / price / availability you like.Personally, I'm playing the field a bit. ...
This is the sort of thing that was endlessly debated on AAAC in the early days. My one conclusion is that it pays to be very skeptical about the ability to meaningfully answer this sort of question a priori.I guess the best is to have the cutter and fitter / salesman be different people and both be there every step of the way. Because why not?If you're only dealing with one person, I don't know if there's a meaningful difference in terms of results based on whether that...
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