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Timo with a 'stache deserves about 20,000 thumbs.
That sounds like something I'd ask for but I seem to remember not asking for anything special on that coat.
Interesting. I kinda like the idea of the brown-based solaro.Which book is that from?
The English John Lobb isn't a great place for browsing. And John Lobb Paris on Jermyn Street isn't really anything special - it's a fairly small store and looks like all their other stores.
Too much tie flip is almost enough
It's difficult to decide what's more overrated - that suit or that movie.
The ones I've seen (and I honestly haven't looked that hard) are generally fairly heavy for summatime cloth so I'd opt for single breasted for a little added comfort if nothing else.
That's really interesting. I actually don't know what you'd call that. I always thought miter(re)d was just having the corner cut off. But the whole sleeve is slanted here.Kerry's cuffs look like they're perfectly straight and square. I like the idea of doing it that way but then it has to be looser at the wrist and I'm not a huge fan of that.I'm still as Murican as a McDonalds apple pie but my autocorrect isn't. I suppose I should fight the good fight and keep...
Don't they need to be mitred to appear conical? I thought the T&A cuff was square.I've actually been thinking more about trying three button again since I haven't been wearing a watch as often.
Triple button is definitely a thing. It's incredibly annoying if you wear a watch but it's not terribly rare. John Kerry know what I'm talking about.
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