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That's not just a function of the stays but also of the stuffness of the (patch?) fusing / interling and the collar height.Did you have them adjust the collar height at all? I think your AM collars look much, mucg better in that regard:
He didn't say sleeptime.
That's exactly what Charlie Sheridan would have done.
Hard to imagine any of those working as a suit. Unless you're specifically in the market for a novelty suit which I guess is kind of a thing for horse owners.
Just to illustrate:I think everyone agrees that the green and blue lines will never overlap without a pad added to 50' shoulder. It's the wrinkling on the side of the coat that could be eliminated if the shoulder were cut more sloped:That feature / bug / NBD is probably more apparent here, where the lighting isn't an issue:Like I said before, I really like the overall look of both suits but it is an interesting question.
If you're saying what I think you're saying, that would be amazing.It would be like the Christmas truce / Sainsbury commercial of steeze. [[SPOILER]]
I guess I'm the last person iGent to hear the news. Whatever the ultimate plans for the business, it seems like a real shame to give those writes their walking papers. Had a really great group. And I agree that RJdM is the best around, at least in any language that I can read.
I've read Matty Fiddy Feet's post three times now and I have the same question that German Workwear asks.It's not at all apparent (at least not to me) why you can't change the drop or slope of a shoulder almost indefinitely. Especially when you're starting with a custom pattern and a basted fitting.
DB looks nice but for reals I don't know if I could trust someone who wears Christmas glasses.
Awesome possum.Just placed the second order and sent you an email.Thanks!
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