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That Hober edge is a thing of beauty.
Are you in the #menswear industry or just going to Pitti for love of the game?
I don't think either cloth looks very good but if you're going to go for that pattern, the larger scale is definitely better.
Rule #1: Never take a photo standing next to Kamoshita
A few people PM-ed with interest in the fabrics I have at Luxire HQ.Please check the spoiler and PM me with any questions.(Luxire, hopefully you don't mind my posting this here. Just let me know if it's a problem.) [[SPOILER]]
Now that I think about it, I'll probably just order things from the G&R books going forward. I've got a number of fabrics - all Acorn and in classic patterns - sitting in the Luxire workshop (i.e. you wouldn't have to pay to ship them) so if anyone would potentially like to buy those from me and have them made up before the CMT price hike, let me know and I can send you a list of what I have.
I've used Luxire for CMT quite a bit and I can totally understand their wanting to discourage it. Some simple mistakes that could be very easily solved if they had access to a bit more fabric have become instead considerable headaches to me and, I imagine, to a larger extent them. It's cool that they offer the service and, for the quality of construction they provide, even $100 / shirt is a smoking deal.
Ah come on.You're already settled down - you already have more suits than you can use in a lifetime.You must be dying for an expensive fling.
I agree. Small change but it does look more balanced.I think Mariano is still better off with the higher buttoning point, hides his gut a little better.
They're good but expensive.
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