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Is there any answer to that question that you'd possibly accept?Can we just let this one die quietly? Please?
Did any1 know Glennie is doing womenswear now as well?
I don't think that's it at all.I think - as mentioned by others - he just doesn't like the word 'stylist' for Mariano.
I still remember the day we found out that a guy on our desk did some modelling (of the non-Excel variety) on the side - everyone set their desktop background to a different one of his headshots.We referred to him as Mr. Dubai for a solid two weeks, even with clients.
How many years before you can enter again? Or was that your OneChance?
Google tells me that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Danny Trepanier) is now a "Senior Advisor" for Michael Andrews "Bespoke" which I think means he's a stylist.But I'm not really sure anymore.
was robbed.Never forget.
Did a stylist pick those out for you? If it wasn't a stylist, was it someone who's sooooo much more than just a stylist?
And that's the story of how you end up walking through Central Park in plus fours.
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