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^ TruthI gave up wearing jeans after my freshman year of highschool. Didn't go back until my senior year of college and even then only sporadically. I've been back on the jawn wagon for six years now and... sorry this is a little hard for me... just give me a minute... I hope to never go back to business casual casualwear.
I'll admit that I have not.Do you foo the ascot?
More spread, fused... Sounds like you really want to be wearing a spread collar shirt but don't feel like it's allowed.I believe it was Tennyson who said "free your mind and the rest will follow."
I probably phrased that wrong above. I've been a dad for two years and have been dressing like one for much longer. I'm just happy to finally have an excuse.MOP buttons for a blazer are the bee's knees. Metal is played out. Brown horn isn't a real blazer.
I would suggest that's a feature common to tieless BDs (though perhaps not quite to the same extent) and a good enough reason to dislike them.
Haha. I thought only Stitches read my posts that closely.It was actually pretty warm in my flat. But a lesser mortal might have to go outside and would be cold.It's probably been a couple weeks since I went outside on a weekday not looking like this: [[SPOILER]]
It's cold
Liking the Prius collar. Not liking the BD.
Mariano does.
Are you back on that Pitti / fauxtalian stuff? I thought you were successfully deprogrammed years ago...
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