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Danger is Derek's middle name.
ThanksThe the collar is unfused but with a medium interlining. I'm actually using stiff metal stays since the collar is large enough that it's a bit unruly otherwise.I've found that unless the collar is very stiff it will roll on the front edge even with stays.
Like Vox said,
Teh bleu Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
It's okay.I forgive you.
No respect for history.It was oval head. OVAL.Not egghead.Shaking my head...
I thought that means it's bespoke.
Okay. Yea that seems crazy.Except in the sense that basically everything is American nowadays. Because 'Murica.
Separate from what?This all came about from an Esquire video that indicated Eidos is Italian. Since it's Esquire they probably paid (one way or another) for inclusion in the Italian brand video.When I saw dirnelli pointing out that Eidos isn't necessarily Italian like that, I assumed he was talking in the sense that they're fibbing a little and that should somewhat color your impression of the brand, not in the sense that his need to definitively categorize menswear...
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