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You're keeping this thread alive.I was talking about Hayward since it seems to be a choice between him and SH.
I don't think you can make a blanket statement since, as others have mentioned, a white shirt looks fine with a navy blazer for instance.Part of that is because a navy blazer is about as dressy as you can get without wearing a suit and part of that is the fact that navy and white look good together.I'd say that a white shirt will (almost) never work with an earthtone SC. Or, if it's passable, still will not look as good as a blue shirt would have. As mentioned above,...
Even after all these years, I still never know when you're trolling.
I think it would be pretty bad.The scale of the pattern is just too small. So you're left with something that isn't quite a plan navy blazer but that doesn't have nearly enough of a pattern to look like a proper odd jacket.I imagine that even people who don't notice these things would notice that you were trying to pass a suit jacket off as a blazer.
So you completely changed your mind and demanded your 1800 rupees back because you were made to suffer the indignity of a small wait.Yea. Like I said, GTFO.
Jacket looks a little baggy.Maybe have your tailor take it in a bit.
WTFCut your losses? What losses?You were without your one and only shirt for not even a month?GTFO
I'm starting a petition to bring back @StephenHero
That's messed up, yo.
Someday I'll post multiple fits.
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