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It's no funny when you make him explain the joke.That's what the grad lounge is for.
The windowpane gives me a little vertigo but I like the amount of visible vest there (and really like the cut generally - but you could probably guess that) Looks like he went 2.closetothree which seems like the way to do it.
Thanks but I think I'd rather die than pretend ride a bike indoors. Most of the fun for me is being outside / getting to see stuff. Of course that's a lot easier to say when you live in an incredibly temperate climate. The tough part is that I'm riding about 1 - 1.5 hours from where I am in central London before getting to a reasonable series of hills so I want to try to make training as valuable / efficient as possible since I don't have that much time to devote to the...
Going to be ordering a 3-piece. (Because LITS) I don't like it when you can see too much vest above the suit jacket. Is the solution to this a lower (less-button) vest or a 3 button jacket? If a lower vest is the way forward, how low can you go? @Manton, if you're out there, guide me. Vox, I know you're always watching, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. (Tough to condense into 140 characters.)
Thanks, LMD. Have a compact crankset and a 12-30 cassette. At this point I think it's more a matter of my legs than the equipment, sadly enough.
Anyone have any a program or general advice on getting better on hills. The goal is to ride Bealach na Bà / Applecross with a few buddies in the spring and I need to get a lot better before that. I realize that the answer will amount to 'HTFU and ride up lots of hills' but I'm trying to put a bit of structure around that.
For her?
If you like purple you like purple. (I don't and I'm right but that's besides the point.)But you can't possibly claim that it's more versatile. For one, any normal blazer or donegal shade of blue goes with more colors that purple. And unless all your friends are colorblind, they'll definitely notice that you've brought out your statement Willy Wonka aubergine jacket again while a navy blazer can be worn repeatedly and in a variety of situations without drawing undue...
Dry and boring - just what a suit should be*.* At least until you have about 20 of them.
While that is not untrue, it's worth bearing in mind that for anything (purple jackets, orange tweed suits, tshirts with suits, facial hair, etc.)# of people who can pull it off
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