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No respect for history.It was oval head. OVAL.Not egghead.Shaking my head...
I thought that means it's bespoke.
Okay. Yea that seems crazy.Except in the sense that basically everything is American nowadays. Because 'Murica.
Separate from what?This all came about from an Esquire video that indicated Eidos is Italian. Since it's Esquire they probably paid (one way or another) for inclusion in the Italian brand video.When I saw dirnelli pointing out that Eidos isn't necessarily Italian like that, I assumed he was talking in the sense that they're fibbing a little and that should somewhat color your impression of the brand, not in the sense that his need to definitively categorize menswear...
I don't think you're giving the other argument quite enough credit.The point - as I see it and I don't totally share this view so I may be wrong - isn't to neatly divide all brands into nationalities. The point is that Eidos goes out of their way to play up* their Italianity which seems a little disingenuous. Granted it's only a little and granted it's only clothes.* I know zip about Eidos so I don't know if they do really make a big deal of their supposed heritage, that's...
I think you kind of hinted at the reason in the paragraph of your post where you talk about meeting the people who make your clothes.That's the sort of thing that doesn't make the clothes any better. But it makes you feel nice to have some sort of attachment to the people and / or bragging rights. I think that origin of a RTW brand is something along those lines - people like buying a really Italian (however you define that) Italian brand because it feels more exclusive...
Probably my favorite fit of all time.
Thanks, guys. What happened to - I think it was Timo's - old Google doc with all the collars? Or does anyone have a handy photo of Luxire's Brooks or the Broke & Bespoke collars?
Anyone able to hook a brutha up? What's the best buttondown collar you've seen Luxire make? THanks.
Ah.I mixed up Sexton and Cifo - which are definitely the two I'd get wrong.Simon has some closeup photos on his blog. Really love that Panico and the Liverano.
New Posts  All Forums: