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I'm starting a petition to bring back @StephenHero
That's messed up, yo.
Someday I'll post multiple fits.
Get in line, Crompton.
Some more inspiration (itsstillmatt)
So you're saying you don't have a stapler?
Looks like price / book is around 1.37. Uncle Warren said that he'd buy back shares around 1.2. So looks like you should have a bit of a backstop, at least initially, about 12% lower.I don't know if 12% seems like a huge or a modest amount, given your expectations / holding period / what you'd made on it so far / how much higher you think it can go in the not-too-distant future. But it might be something to think about.
For the record, Sugarbutch has worn much worse ties than that one I inherited.
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