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Normally I'm mad jealous of amazing watch collections but that one just seems exhausting.Like I had to take a break twice before I got to the end of the photos.
Wow.That's some amazing sort of miracle / tragedy of collecting. Page took like 10 minutes to load.
Thanks.That shirtmaker is a closely guarded secret and you smalltimers probably can't afford them anyway.
Does anyone have a way to contact NSM that doesn't involve email, either phone number on their website or StyFo message? Kinda out of ideas and would like to make an appointment for their London trip next week.
Great - thanks.Could be a winner.
Does anyone have a photo of Minnis Flannel 304 or 315 (the Air Force blues) made up? Trying to gauge how much lighter they look as a full suit.
Kent Wang brown-blue bi-color knit pointed $60 $50+ shipping from London
H&S Dakota is what you want.
Actually it's pretty much exactly like the dress. Obviously my phone and camera white balance very differently.
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