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The after color is quite nice
Does anyone make a wool - cotton trouser cloth? The idea is khakis that act a little more like wool odd trousers. Thanks
The forums were built on posts like this.I mean that in the worst possible way.
Seems like there's a very obvious answer to this question: And you know you won't be the only guy wearing one at the wedding.
Skirt on fleek, btw.
I just read the OP again. Is this threak just marketing for your new website? Because that would actually be pretty smart.
That seems less crazy. It's not like Rory convinced you to run away with him, you were looking to peace out of whatever you were doing and this was an excuse.So, in summary, you made a bunch of (really good) videos and got $1700 from Rory, some amount of $ from Will and some street cred on Vimeo, though not as much as you might have gotten if Rory hadn't also posted those same videos on Youtube.You're mad that you didn't get your suit and didn't get to finish the series...
You guys are all talking like you might want to try Rory. Seems like (1) he's gone, man and (2) like did you really think it was a good idea in the first place?
I'm impressed. Seems like you do quite a bit of work helping tailors get out to San Fran. To do all that for free is love of the game.
That does seem crazy.Was that really how it went down? I mean I'm all about the suits myself but to quit your regular gig... that's something.
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