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No h8 but have the boys from Carlisle ever even seen humidity?
If it's the same one they had years ago, that stuff is awesome.Love the blazer I have from it.
I realize it isn't the same cloth but have you looked at the Hartwist 32102? Similar colors / scale from what I can tell.
I'd be down with keeping it similar. Keep it exactly the same, just scale the pattern up a bit.I'd have a slight preference for the 520068over the 520065But would be cool with either colorway.
Thanks very much. Little smaller pattern that I was hoping. Anyone interested in a custom run of the 520068 in a larger-scale check?
Does anyone have a photo of Worsted Alsport 520065 or 520068? Trying to figure out exactly how large the check is.
Srsly, if you think it was your brown tie that turned a 'yes' into a 'no', it was actually a 'no' before you even walked through the door.
In this situation, how could that possibly be a bad thing?
Made contact and had a nice (albeit short since my 3-year-old daughter was very anxious to leave) visit and picked up the suit they made in @~ B ~ 's Rangoon special order. Will have to post photos later. Perfectly subtle spalla camicia.
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