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I think I saw that in a bunch called Bad Idea. Can't remember the mill.
Ask people on the internet what they've heard from others about what it feel like to drive.
Right after I ordered is when Mariano stopped coming to NY. (Don't know if he's in better health / travelling now.) And TBH I didn't (don't) really trust Luca.By the time I finally got myself to Naples, several years had passed and at that point it seemed kinda lame to roll up and ask them to correct stuff. Especially since I wasn't really considering ordering anything else from them right then.I suppose I could take to Paone and see what he says.
I've given you grief about a lot of things, though mostly about the weird stuff you want to buy.Like I said, I intented to stick with the 'Nacc but the first jacket was poor enough that it didn't make sense. Things get better with successive commissions but if they don't start off pretty darn good (at that price) I don't see the point of continuing.
I'm bummed I sold it.Had enough for a 3-piece...
That's what I said.Kinda like TWSS but not at all funny.
I'm not surprised but I'm still disappointed.
Zipper is a new one.I had always heard it was because he wanted belted (rather than braced) trousers.But also he was the d00k so he could do whatever he wanted.
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