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Cities like Raqqa?
Imagine if these guys were wearing tweed. What tweed would they be wearing?
The color on the Brisa is nice - I've seen it described as an inky blue and that seems pretty much perfect from what I remember. But I hate the Brisa suit I have - it's not a smooth cloth but very spongy and wrinkles when you look at it. If you like Fresco, you won't necessarily like Brisa and - in my case anyway - will actively dislike the Brisa.
Shirtjacket made by CEGO NY Cloth is Lumbs Golden Bale grey windowpane $100 + shipping from London Carl made this for me a while ago and I’ve probably worn it twice. It’s great but I have more casual jackets than I know what to do with. Shoulders 44.5cm (measured straight across from shoulder seam to shoulder seam) Chest 47.5cm (measured from armpit to armpit) Length 77cm (measured from collar to hem) Sleeve 63cm (measured from shoulder seam to cuff,...
Anyone have a recommendation for a larger-scale, dark POW suiting? I'm thinking worsted rather than flannel if that exists.
Cappelli $50 SOLDYount $30+ shipping from London [[SPOILER]]
Sold. Thanks, guys
Is that a very open weave or just really lightweight?
I don't want you guysto get the wrong idea - not all 'brosis look like that.
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