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Not sure that's much of a question.Uncle Warren's reputation (and frankly amazing track record) allowed him to (1) make decisions independently and very very quickly and (2) basically rent his name out to companies that people were dumping in a panic.No successor has that ability and is unlikely to ever have that ability.
Pretty funny that Gross was trolling Stan Druckenmiller for semi-retiring when it sounds like he should have done the exact same thing.
That settles it. @Manton, lunch at Scott's before your fitting?
You need to try Rubinacci.I feel like the 'Nacc is your destiny. And heck it's cheaper than Shattuck.
For reals. If DR doesn't stop killin' it, updating his seal of Yelproval is going to become a fulltime job. Which, admittedly, isn't the worst thing since I'm only working parttime at the movie theater right now.
The best part is that I imagine all such conversations end with a cheery 'I'm just jokin' aboot Toronto' and a friendly cup of Tim Horton's.
I think the darker / more saturated tie works much better.
Happened to see an episode a few weeks back and it just felt soooo old.Like enough so that it was hard to imagine that stuff having ever been funny.I can recognize it's groundbreaking-ness but can't watch it anymore.
New Posts  All Forums: