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Is that a very open weave or just really lightweight?
I don't want you guysto get the wrong idea - not all 'brosis look like that.
Srsly though, that's not at all uncomfortable?
No h8 but have the boys from Carlisle ever even seen humidity?
If it's the same one they had years ago, that stuff is awesome.Love the blazer I have from it.
I realize it isn't the same cloth but have you looked at the Hartwist 32102? Similar colors / scale from what I can tell.
I'd be down with keeping it similar. Keep it exactly the same, just scale the pattern up a bit.I'd have a slight preference for the 520068over the 520065But would be cool with either colorway.
Thanks very much. Little smaller pattern that I was hoping. Anyone interested in a custom run of the 520068 in a larger-scale check?
Does anyone have a photo of Worsted Alsport 520065 or 520068? Trying to figure out exactly how large the check is.
Srsly, if you think it was your brown tie that turned a 'yes' into a 'no', it was actually a 'no' before you even walked through the door.
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