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IMO it looks a bit better there because you can see less of the tie.
Beaver. Fedora.
Foofy did a good job w/ accesorizing a similar suit:
1) is probably fine. I don't like the tie - it's a little too garish (and probably wide) for my taste. That square doesn't work with the tie and it kinda has to since there isn't a lot else to go on (solid, mid-grey suit and white or lite blue shirt aren't things to which you really match a pocketsquare). Also a pure red like that square is better with shades of blue than with grey. 2) that shirt is ugly. The scale is just too large. Blue gingham is fairly classic...
The Committee for the Promotion of CBD and the Prevention of # is going to want to have a word with you,
I'd be interested in a simple five-eyelet derby with a ramshead medallion in something like cognac.
Why did this have to happen right AFTER Cinco de Mayo? I kill in sombreros.
The long of the corporate jungle is that you must kill or be killed. Act accordingly.
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