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Still mad about that one, after all these years?
Ah - makes sense.That is the downside to 15oz fresco trousers in the dead of winter. Really cold if there's a breeze.
Surprised you find the 15oz too transparent but the 10oz okay.
It's incredibly hard wearing.For as much as I like or at least like the idea of heavier cloths, I'm always warm and even if I weren't every building everywhere is always warmer than it really should be.The open weave means I can leave the jacket on and not be sweating right away, while still wearing something with a nice texture that looks especially at home in the colder seasons.
Ah. Makes a lot more sense with the blue gingham.I need to go back to the monitor calibration thread.
Wait. Is that suit grey?
You seem to have some interesting hygiene challenges.
I that's true, that's really dumb.
Watch does look nice. Don't think I've ever seen that model in person.How did you deduce that your accent / spirit animal colour is green?
Wasn't that too matchy with the new watch?
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