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More spread, fused... Sounds like you really want to be wearing a spread collar shirt but don't feel like it's allowed.I believe it was Tennyson who said "free your mind and the rest will follow."
I probably phrased that wrong above. I've been a dad for two years and have been dressing like one for much longer. I'm just happy to finally have an excuse.MOP buttons for a blazer are the bee's knees. Metal is played out. Brown horn isn't a real blazer.
I would suggest that's a feature common to tieless BDs (though perhaps not quite to the same extent) and a good enough reason to dislike them.
Haha. I thought only Stitches read my posts that closely.It was actually pretty warm in my flat. But a lesser mortal might have to go outside and would be cold.It's probably been a couple weeks since I went outside on a weekday not looking like this: [[SPOILER]]
It's cold
Liking the Prius collar. Not liking the BD.
Mariano does.
Are you back on that Pitti / fauxtalian stuff? I thought you were successfully deprogrammed years ago...
And you've all reduced me to a dirty mirror bathroom shot. So, in the end, my eventual victory will be pyrrhic.
This one says: "Gee I sure do hope my internship will turn into a fulltime job opportunity!" This one says: "I'm a grown ass man who is not required to wear a tie." This one says: "I'm American and expected to wear a tie but Imma keep it chill / my throat hurts a little from yelling at the TV."
New Posts  All Forums: