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That's what I thought as well.Or, to put to another way, it would be really odd to see that sort of curve on am un-extended shoulder.
I'll take it.
I agree on the trouser length.But there's nothing tight about that suit.
I really like Orient's styling (in these instances) so I own both that Orient Star you posted and the Bambino. I suppose there's no particular reason to have both but the Bambino is such a pretty watch and so cheap why not and with the Star, I don't think there's a better power reserve watch.
But lounder than what I want but I do like the colors.I'd deciding between the 4-button shirt style or their Forestiere homage.
Great reference - thanks for that.I have a couple of safari-style shirt jackets (not from Luxire) that I wear exactly never. I really don't have much use for anything lighter than an M-65 and that's what I'll always reach for in that temp range.I'm thinking of something a peacoat weight but in a shirt jacket style.
Does anyone have a 4-button shirt jacket? I.e. this one: Any fit pics by any chance?
I like the cut of that jacket (what I can see of it anyway). Who made it?
Let's start passing around the hat, boys.There must be 20 of us with $40 to waste (for a good cause).Who's with me?
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