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Haha. Still trolling us from his e-grave. FWIW I completely agree w/ clapeyron. It seems like a uniquely foofian disctinction to say that what "what slightly extends the sleevehead horizontally away from the shoulder line" is not shoulder extension...
Looks a bit extended to me. In the first photo it seems like the sleevehead sits entirely past his shoulder, given how it seems to drop off right before the sleevehead. Hopefully will be by soon to tell us we're both wrong / wastes of oxygen.
That's what I thought as well.Or, to put to another way, it would be really odd to see that sort of curve on am un-extended shoulder.
I'll take it.
I agree on the trouser length.But there's nothing tight about that suit.
I really like Orient's styling (in these instances) so I own both that Orient Star you posted and the Bambino. I suppose there's no particular reason to have both but the Bambino is such a pretty watch and so cheap why not and with the Star, I don't think there's a better power reserve watch.
But lounder than what I want but I do like the colors.I'd deciding between the 4-button shirt style or their Forestiere homage.
Great reference - thanks for that.I have a couple of safari-style shirt jackets (not from Luxire) that I wear exactly never. I really don't have much use for anything lighter than an M-65 and that's what I'll always reach for in that temp range.I'm thinking of something a peacoat weight but in a shirt jacket style.
Does anyone have a 4-button shirt jacket? I.e. this one: Any fit pics by any chance?
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