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Does anyone have a 4-button shirt jacket? I.e. this one: Any fit pics by any chance?
I like the cut of that jacket (what I can see of it anyway). Who made it?
Let's start passing around the hat, boys.There must be 20 of us with $40 to waste (for a good cause).Who's with me?
Too rich for my blood. Literally - I've been selling my plasma for the last two months in preparation for this.
Hold your horses. You've got 9 more suits to go.
Would you make an exemption for The chance to rebaptize him as 'Internet Small-timer' is worth a lot to a lot of people.
Very interested to see these. All the 'Nacc ties I've seen are beautifully sewn in horrendously ugly silks. That construction in better patterns would be a massive win.
In that case I have no objection.
Do you guys have or could you get a fabric like this: Basically a lighter chambray.
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