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Since that's fresco my objection to patch pockets is withdrawn.But I agree on the double stitching.
Every time someone patch pockets a worsted, a kitten dies.
While white shirts are worn with formalwear, white isn't an inherently formal color. Similarly, while formalwear is high contrast, not all high contrast outfits are formal.White shirts are very versatile.
I'll be outside holding a 'Wot! No RJdM?' sign.
Yours looks a little cleaner.
Teh Solito drape
Junior and he did a phenomenal job. I've never had someone do close to that well on the first try and we only had one fitting. Also he gave me more of a drapey old man cut, which is what I prefer.
Looking back over this thread, I seem to be the source of the comments on quality of finishing. FWIW, I meant that, for instance, some of the stitches on the lining have come loose after a couple times wearing the suit. Which is a very minor annoyance. I didn't have in mind the quality of decorative pic stitching but I do think a lot of other tailors do that quite a bit better. Fit is great though. It's interesting to hear Solito Jr is making regular trips to London...
Haha. Still trolling us from his e-grave. FWIW I completely agree w/ clapeyron. It seems like a uniquely foofian disctinction to say that what "what slightly extends the sleevehead horizontally away from the shoulder line" is not shoulder extension...
Looks a bit extended to me. In the first photo it seems like the sleevehead sits entirely past his shoulder, given how it seems to drop off right before the sleevehead. Hopefully will be by soon to tell us we're both wrong / wastes of oxygen.
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