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I can kinda see what you mean about the brightness but was my point was that you're working with a different color pallette. Aside from the blue, the other colors are tweedier or - if that's too circular - darker, dustier, more subdued.If someone liked that tie (I don't but who cares), it would work much better with a navy blazer.
I disagree. I think a white square would be a cop out.You can see what Matt is trying to do there and I think it's what he successfully did here. [[SPOILER]] My problem is mainly with the colors. A tie in all bright primary colors doesn't go with a earth tone-y (faux - I'm guessing) tweed. The square tries to reference the light blue vertical stripe but is too bright. And in the small version of the photo the square look like polka dot which I don't like but that...
Oddly enough (since I appreciate your taste), I don't think there's a single thing I like about that foofit.
Not going to be able to get involved but could you take pictures of every swatchbooks? Kthxbai
Really great stuff all around, ctp.I thought these two comparisons were interesting:
I do think that's part of it.I missed a few years but this is probably the best thing I've seen post. And a white linen square would be all wrong here:
Here's what MS Paint had to say about it. I'm honestly trying to look at this with as unbiasedly as possible but my eye immediately goes to the white shirt (since the DJ is really too dark to see) and then I just can't shake the feeling that the square should be the same pure white. As GDL said before, the off-white just looks off. White.
Why did you put it back in your pocket after you blew your nose on it?
Let them cry.
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