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For the record, Sugarbutch has worn much worse ties than that one I inherited.
I like the shoulder line and drape / chest on the Rubinacci. Also like the buttoning point.The collar doesn't fit well and I don't like the waist. I think it's a little - a very little - long but I might be wrong.
Lovat also did the LL Brisa which is supposed to be a fresco. I like fresco and dislike Brisa but they are both open weaves.
Dude, I was joking. As was Dopey.Hats aren't CBD and everyone knows that. Except you apparently. At least not until now.
He wrote that same chapter in one of his other books too. I forget if it was Elegance or another one. Zoot requires a very extended shoulder and I think that + a normal amount of drape is the problem moreseo than the amount of drape. I mean practically speaking, there a limit to how much cloth you can work in there. At any rate I was being facetious but I do generally think that most guys who aren't straight up obese or
Can't say I'm too fond of pastel wovens either.
Don't be sorry - this discussion started because I said I thought they did a poor job.Foo's is the only one that I'd say looks unrelated to the others. I understand why they'd do it but I just don't like a buttoning point that high.
[fact] No such thing as too much drape. [/fact]
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