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A valiant effort (and I'm jelly) but it's a little too high class.Like you kinda expect old rich guys to be surrounded by a bevy of hot blondes, if they're doing it right that is. That photo is just the way things should be.The great thing about DR's photo is the contrast - nice suit / hotdog cart, English dude / Asia roller derby team.
I realize swatches aren't ideal but they're closer to ideal than bad photos or good-thanks-to-Photoshop photos.
Did you wake up the next morning with a signet ring and an inexplicable urge to flip your tie?
I think you can close this thread down.No one is going to top this.
Id you have it narrowed down that far, your best bet is to look at the swatchbooks. The colors on the Minnis site aren't very true and most Armoury photos look like they've had a bit of adjustment to the colors as well.
I'm sure it's in here somewhere but does someone have a St C's last comparison?
Fresco is fairly uncommon in RTW. Part of that is doubtlessly that it's a somewhat rough / not very soft cloth. Since most buyers have been (mis-)conditioned to regard softness as a proxy for quality, it kinda makes sense.The 8/9oz fresco can be a bit translucent in bright light. Usually not a problem but you never know.
Some good stuff there.I think I really like the one on the left and the Breanish is a StyFo classic.
Some of the stuff looked quite nice.Shoulders were generally a bit theatrical but if that could be toned down (as I imagine it could) the fit seemed quite good.
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