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Canadian smacktalk is amazing.You don't even shovel your own snow. Ohhhhhhh
That looks a little worse than I thought it would and I didn't exactly have high hopes...
If I understand this - which I probably don't - it sounds like you would put more cloth over Matt's left shoulder so that side of the jacket hangs lower. Rather than remove cloth over the right shoulder to pull the jacket up on that side.If that is the case, is there an easy way to explain why that is. Having now altered any shoulders, it seems like the two should be equivalent.
That's not just a function of the stays but also of the stuffness of the (patch?) fusing / interling and the collar height.Did you have them adjust the collar height at all? I think your AM collars look much, mucg better in that regard:
He didn't say sleeptime.
That's exactly what Charlie Sheridan would have done.
Hard to imagine any of those working as a suit. Unless you're specifically in the market for a novelty suit which I guess is kind of a thing for horse owners.
Just to illustrate:I think everyone agrees that the green and blue lines will never overlap without a pad added to 50' shoulder. It's the wrinkling on the side of the coat that could be eliminated if the shoulder were cut more sloped:That feature / bug / NBD is probably more apparent here, where the lighting isn't an issue:Like I said before, I really like the overall look of both suits but it is an interesting question.
If you're saying what I think you're saying, that would be amazing.It would be like the Christmas truce / Sainsbury commercial of steeze. [[SPOILER]]
I guess I'm the last person iGent to hear the news. Whatever the ultimate plans for the business, it seems like a real shame to give those writes their walking papers. Had a really great group. And I agree that RJdM is the best around, at least in any language that I can read.
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