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For reals. If DR doesn't stop killin' it, updating his seal of Yelproval is going to become a fulltime job. Which, admittedly, isn't the worst thing since I'm only working parttime at the movie theater right now.
The best part is that I imagine all such conversations end with a cheery 'I'm just jokin' aboot Toronto' and a friendly cup of Tim Horton's.
I think the darker / more saturated tie works much better.
Happened to see an episode a few weeks back and it just felt soooo old.Like enough so that it was hard to imagine that stuff having ever been funny.I can recognize it's groundbreaking-ness but can't watch it anymore.
, I am disappoint.
Do you even blog, bro?
I don't know how the internet works either.But I now know how TVs work.
Meh. The money is still green or whatever color money is in the US nowadays.This thread won't hurt him and will get him a few orders to start out. That many not flower into a robust US business but I imagine the trips will more than pay for themselves and I have to think that since he's starting out (though not an unknown quantity) that it'll be worth his while.At worst it's probably a free option on the US business taking off and a trip to a few of the better US cities.
Slow down.I can barely keep up.
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