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I have - on the first commission from a few different tailors, actually. 'Unworkable' overstates the case a bit but they're hardly ever worn.If you go into it realizing that, it's a little less galling (though obviously still expensive).I'd recommend getting something that naturally has a bit shorter life or that you'd already wear less frequently - cotton, linen or even flannel (I know some flannels are relatively hardy but yea). The downside to that is that the first...
I agree with the advice.OTish but I was always under the impression that that color is tobacco when referring to suede shoes but that tobacco in terms of cloth is more of a dark brown. But I might be totally wrong on that or there might not be a particular right.
That's pretty bad. And not Luxire's fault.
I think LL is right up your street.
All new (obviously). Shipping is £3 within the UK and £6 everywhere else. J Crew cotton argyle £3 Etro cotton 1 £5 SOLD Etro cotton 2 £5 SOLD Polo RL wool-cashmere £3 Nordstrom wool-cashmere £6 Barney's cashmere blend £6
While equal sized white - blue stripes is always safe that's not the only way to do it tastefully.If the blue stripe is very thin - just a couple threads wide - it can look fine on a white background.
I've often tried but have never ever made it all the way through one of those.
That is a great tie. Where'd you get the suit?
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