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That's not bad.But since you're wearing a pocketsquare (wait - do you wear pocketsquares now?!?), it would look better with a spread collar.PS sans tie is too European playboy of a look for a buttondown collar.
Deep down everyone knows I'm right. They were just waiting for someone else to say it first. It's the steez that dare not speak its name.
I'm not crying. It's just winter allergies.
Those photos were originally intended to show that a tieless BD looks good with a jacket. That example is therefore as un-cherry picked as you can get.I am, however, open to better counterexamples. And I'll happily countercounterexample.
Perhaps you guys worked for the same agency.
The orange tie I have is similar like the green one you posted earlier, not the one you posted just now. I think eddy spaghetti said he'll be doing those medallion ones again. I hope I'm not making that up.
I should add... Focusing on the collars, not the general impression of gigoloishness.
Which anitalianprettyboy photo looks better?
If you iron your spread collar shirts they stay up just fine. I know. That's something you've never heard before on StyFo. I'll give you a minute.
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