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If you iron your spread collar shirts they stay up just fine. I know. That's something you've never heard before on StyFo. I'll give you a minute.
You are all wrong. A buttondown (without a tie) doesn't look good under a jacket. And certainly doesn't look better than a spread collar. #ready2fight
Thanks for sharing so that we can be a part of that, in some small way.
True dat.And I don't think any of the examples posted above have gotten it right. Though the problem seems to be more in the color coordination than in the scale.Compare those to a solid tie. Solid works much, much better IMO.
I'm just messin' witcha. I don't like grenadines either. And I really like those Panta medallion / madderesque ties. Only have the dark orange but should have nabbed the burgundy as well.
Would have looked better with a grenadine.
I've never gotten fresco trousers lined and it hasn't been a problem. That said, I don't have trousers in the lightest weight.
While you're at it, wouldn't hurt if the internet could forget about this photo:
Just when I thought the analogies in this thread couldn't get any worse...
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