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Stitchy is legit going to find you in 12.9 years to ask for that tie.
Possibly relevant to the Facebook valuation discussion and, at any rate, a good and balanced article. http://aswathdamodaran.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/facebook-buys-whatsapp-for-19-billion.html
Yellow shirt and yellow tie is somehow much much less than the sum of the parts.
I suspect you'll deserve the fabric you end up with.
Where's a good place to get a pair of shoes resoled in London. Blake / rapid, nothing special.
That makes a lot of sense.And knowing is half the battle.
On the one hand I'm crushed that that photo isn't real (since don't totally believe it)And on the other, I'm glad I finally found that thread.
The club blazer for SF is a bespoke Fresco 520 that you found in thrift shop because someone told the owner that they don't like the shoulder line.
Thanks, @SoGent
If you're going to do regatta stripes (and by that I mean if we can't possibly talk you out of it), I think it really does need a blue base. It would be a complete disaster in grey or an earthtone.
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