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I'm impressed. Seems like you do quite a bit of work helping tailors get out to San Fran. To do all that for free is love of the game.
That does seem crazy.Was that really how it went down? I mean I'm all about the suits myself but to quit your regular gig... that's something.
Do you mean to suggest that one-man tailoring operations that no one ha ever heard of aren't always reliable?
You should do a search for 'Ambrosi' - you'll find quite a few threads that prove very helpful in your quest.
Can't be. No self respecting iGent would wear a hard three button.
Please stop distracting.This thread is about to fulfil its destiny.
I was talking about bdavro23 and his aversion to white shirts for business casual.But, again, I don't think the difference in formality between a light blue and a white dress shirts is as large as people here make it out to be.I struggle to think of a situation where a lounge suit + white spread collar shirt + tie is expected / required but where a suit + lite blue spread collar shirt + tie is too informal. Things just aren't that finely calibrated now, if they ever...
Sounds legit.Though you forget that's part of their DNA when you see the younger generation in jackets that are slim / clean to the point of looking tight (to my prematurely old-man eyes).
I agree that a white spread collar shirt, worn with a tie is more formal than a smiliarly styled blue shirt. Though there probably isn't quite as much difference between white - light blue as people seem to think there is. But how about between a light blue and white linen shirt worn without a jacket when you're on vacation. Or which is more formal - a blue or white polo shirt? I don't think the question really makes any sense. People focus on the small difference in...
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