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Do you even blog, bro?
I don't know how the internet works either.But I now know how TVs work.
Meh. The money is still green or whatever color money is in the US nowadays.This thread won't hurt him and will get him a few orders to start out. That many not flower into a robust US business but I imagine the trips will more than pay for themselves and I have to think that since he's starting out (though not an unknown quantity) that it'll be worth his while.At worst it's probably a free option on the US business taking off and a trip to a few of the better US cities.
Slow down.I can barely keep up.
The Grad Lounge is the thread where people explain jokes.This thread is for making Gernnaro hate the internet.
DB was the original Mystery Bespoke Tailor.
The only thing I have gained from this thread is the desire to work with Darren Beaman.
I already told you.I want this to be your new label:
Amazingly Friends is probably advertized on London billboards and buses as much, if not more, than any other show.
Put that on your labels.5 star YELP is the new royal warrant.
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