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I was jokingly referring to this:in case you (wisely) tl;dr-ed most of this thread.
But at least now you're entitled to an opinion. Unless you always go for the vicuna.
That's true.heisstill50feetfromtheocean's suits are the best I've seen which I why I thought I'd settle down with the 'Nacc. [[SPOILER]] Got a sportscoat to start and it was decidedly meh. I'm a big fan of the general Rubinacci shape / styling (if I'm allowed to use that word) - extended shoulder, drapey chest, close-cut skirt. But, for instance, the collar just didn't fit which seems like a real JV mistake.I'd hasten to point out that I only saw Mariano in NY. Whatever...
The 'Nacc does make some truly horrible ties.
I think his concept of Mariano is what Mariano actually does - he makes the trains run on time, is another pair of eyes at the fittings, takes the order (and your money) and gives advice on styling and cloth. And apparently accessories too, if you're interested.Perhaps Foofy has a slightly more romantic vision of Mariano's place in the cosmos but what I listed above is what it comes down to and I've seen nothing in this thread or any other to suggest that has a distorted...
In the meantime, keep dreamin', smalltimers
Is there any answer to that question that you'd possibly accept?Can we just let this one die quietly? Please?
Did any1 know Glennie is doing womenswear now as well?
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