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Dad jeans + CorthaysIs your Land Rover a 2012 or 2013?
As I understand it, this recent runup was more about the new battery plant.Whether or not that is a good idea, I have no idea but it doesn't seem to be related to the Model S .
Good point. Cropped to eliminate - shirt pocket, belt loop bag, clips and tie schlong (in increasing order of bad). Black and whited to eliminate the classic red-purple color scheme
Do narrow lapels ever look quite right?
No collar stays can be cool but you have to do it right. The collar should be convex.Like so(Armoury)(BNTailor)The collar band is too low on Pliny's shirt and the collar ends up concave.Proper respect for the zero tie space though.
I'd go solid blue shirt with a plaid tie. Collar stays are your friend But overall - looks nice
If you're thinking prop shop in Chicago, I can kinda understand why you'd think that, especially if you've never tried trading.Chi-town is kinda it's own thing. New York has some of those chop shops but I feel like they more grew up around the exchanges in the windy city.There are a bunch of stories about guys who got staked with a couple grand and turned it into a hundred million dollars. And there are thousands of stories about guys who have gone bankrupt three times...
I didn't say fulfilment was reserved for quitters.Countering the assertion that fulfilment was the main reason for leaving, I suggested that fulfilment was often an excuse used when people leave for other reasons.That said, I'm still a HUGE douche.
Alchemy of Finance is in many ways an amazing book. Not really a day to day life of a trader thing (which would be a horrible book since it would mostly involve trips to the vending machine) but gives you an idea of what you have to think about in being a macro trader.
You guys realize that you don't like just turn around and perfectly hedge stuff, right? Like your book is always full of mismatches and spreads and whatnot. Even when you trade a purely delta 1 product / just trade directionally, the questions you effectively have to answer are incredibly multifaceted. Sure it's all zero sum / doesn't cure cancer but it's awfully difficult. I don't know where the meme of traders making gobs of money just by sitting in a particular seat...
New Posts  All Forums: