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I go back and forth on the Moonbeam.It would be more of a cool weather weekend jacket for me. Don't know how it would hold up to being treated like outerwear and having a lot of stuff in the (invariably) patch pockets.That price doesn't sound crazy since I'd only ever need enough for a jacket - is that single or double width? And I'm of the school of thought that paying up a bit for the cloth you really want makes a lot more sense in the longrun (as I believe you've said...
I'm looking for the exact same thingThat pattern on the Moonbeam is perfect. Just need a more substantial cloth.
The special run of Minnis Rangoon navy chalkstrip that @~ B ~ had made up looks really good.I sent it to straight the tailor so can't snap a photo until it's made up.
I use Strava all the time. Like UnFacconable said, it's great for rather easily tracking your progress if you ride the same routes frequently. The route planning feature (which uses data the most popular segments) is really good as well and downloads quite easily to a Garmin.
The after color is quite nice
Does anyone make a wool - cotton trouser cloth? The idea is khakis that act a little more like wool odd trousers. Thanks
The forums were built on posts like this.I mean that in the worst possible way.
Seems like there's a very obvious answer to this question: And you know you won't be the only guy wearing one at the wedding.
Skirt on fleek, btw.
I just read the OP again. Is this threak just marketing for your new website? Because that would actually be pretty smart.
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