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Did you wind up selling many sailor pants? Just trying to keep my finger on the pulse of the streets.
So that's why I didn't get invited back. All this time I thought it was because I went to that DSK afterparty.
Would have thought that a grey undershirt would be more visible, at least under a lighter colored dress shirt.
Such a n00b.The Bilderberg group decided in 2008 that there would be no prosecutions.(except for that one French guy, because the French...)
I'm not sure it's any easier to walk without bending your legs in a museum than out on the street.But I'll also admit that I've never tried.
I disagree with every part of that sentence.To go after individuals, you need some evidence of fraud. You're allowed to put on a bad trade as long as you didn't knowingly put it on as a bad trade and as long as you weren't being totally irresponsibly dumb about it. Just because something didn't work out doesn't mean it couldn't have. Remember lots of people lost lots and lots of money shorting MBS before it finally worked.So there might be lots of people who lied to...
I'd go a lot further than that.I almost don't care about the lawsuits / settlements since that will be a drop in the bucket compared to the future lost revenue due to the punitive regulation that's being cooked up / haphazardly implemented.
Hard to argue with that.
I agreeThey can probably say Merrill was a shotgun marriage but they walked into the Countrywide disaster on their own.
Like many things in life, this contest has been unpleasant but useful.I saw a bunch of fugly yellow ties but I now feel more secure in my arational hatred of yellow ties.
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