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Despite the Loch Ness monster quality photos, NickPollica always nails that easygoing steez.
If I'm thinking of the same one, that's good stuff. Very soft but wears well.I have a pair in slightly-lighter-than-navy and one in mid grey.The grey might be a little too rustic looking for some blazer outfits though.
Or a paper bag.
In for London
It's an Armoury photo so you know to mentally dial down the saturation.
If the price were similar to Seoul, I'd definitely be in.
This remains a favorite example-- Source: http://lnsee.tumblr.com/post/42345576700/liverano-stripes-dressed-down-with-a-knit-tie-from Minus the lapel chain, of course.
I think blue (lighter than navy) is a good option but when it's more on the grey side of the spectrum.Blacks works as well.Beyond that, I really don't know. Sure there are some other options but nothing springs to mind.
I know this isn't a fit thread but the shirt and jacket both look very nicely cut.And I think that gives you quite a bit of leeway with colors.That said, I don't love the purpley blue tie with the shirt but I also think a navy tie would have been too facile so props on avoiding that.
Stitches can't stay with any one avatar for too long so Imma let it blow over.I was asking myself some hard questions though when Vox mistook a Stitchy post for one of mine...
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