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I don't get the negative break that Salvatore and some of the Armoury guys wear either. But I blame the hem length rather than the taper.
I've used both and while I'd give Ambrosi the edge, it's pretty close.I'm travelling at the moment but can post photos next week if this is a comparison people are particularly interested in.
Ambrosi was cutting / making trousers for Solito, at least on the US tour way back when. Has that changed?
One thing that I think Ambrosi does extremely well is get the tapering right. What he made is me is comfortable but looks slim.Everything I've seen on the Armoury guys seems I be the same. Tailored, sharp perhaps but well within the pale of reasonable.FWIW I think that's one advantage that modern trousers have over golden age ones.
Correct me if I'm wrong but Tirailleur doesn't like that phrase since it implies some immutability in style, usually associated with tailored clothes. He's often made the point that even those things change, though over a longer arc.I don't think he's averse to someone's saying that dressed both well and conservatively.
I wrote that on purpose. I know what you think of that phrase.Was totally joking - hence the 'seriously tho'
I'd agree with . (Though 90 - 95% might be a tad high.)From the 'Nacci things I've seen, the best results definitely come from going to Naples.Do they have a legit tailor in the London store?
Your prom is the only time you can wear a zoot tux. Are you sure you want to let that opportunity slip away?
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