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I'm really feeling this even darker version.Would be super easy to wear.
I think all the big - or at least good - names have a nice blue birdseye in 10-11 oz. Lesser, Harrisons, Smiths.
Yea - I think this dude is legit. be a winner.I was also thinking of the Dura Ace 9000 C50s as I imagine they'll all be on sale pretty soon.
So my LBS can make up a pair of wheels for £960 DT Swiss 240 hubs Sapim CX-Ray spokes 50mm full carbon rims Not sure I can really beat that.
Nice ride, HC. Frame looks sorta like a Trek Domane with a thicker toptube. Where's the frame from?
Should mention, also looking at the Cosmic Pro Carbons, little heavier / not real carbon but at least I wouldn't have to swap over brake pads.
I'd appreciate any recommendations on aero wheels for around 1k GBP. I was looking at FFWD F4 240s and Fulcrum Racing Quattro Carbons. Any thoughts on those or something else I should consider? Thanks.
It isn't so much a book as a legend, passed down from father to son through the generations. Well a legend and a CD-ROM that Andy would stand by the door and guilt you into buying if you ever showed up at an Ask Andy About Clothes event. IIRC, the advice was solid if not groundbreaking - at least not now that there's a lot of good advice out there for just the cost of a google.
He may not look as good as everyone else but Gone Fishin' is the most real and that's why he's my spirit animal.Not dressing up for Fok's theater is the ultimate power move.
For reals tho: ?
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