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When I was travelling a lot for work, I went to all of the least interesting destinations in the world. I know the exquisite pain of a seven hour delay in Pittsburgh. I've seen Milwaukee in November and prayed that death would take me before I had to do that again.At any rate, I'm amazed you don't find that the underside of your FCs get dirty. Between hauling luggage and dirty cabs and the not-exactly-pristine armrests, I feel like they always come out looking pretty...
Hmmm... That could be about perfect for London... How many meters for a odd jacket? This is single width, right?
I actually think heavier tweed is more useful since it winds up being outerwear most of the time.Offices that allow / kinda require a jacket but not a suit are the sorts of places where you just hang your jacket on the back of your chair. (For that matter, nowadays most places that require a suit are also the sorts of places where you just hang your jacket on the back of your chair.)The more I look at it, the more I really like that Teviot tweed but 13oz is a little...
Same here.If you're looking for something that will be pretty wearable without it looking like 'oh, he's wearing that again' I think you're best off with lower contrast / darker green on the right.
It does look better with a whiter base like on Mark's coat.
They're just tacky.Beyond that, little bits of elastic are incongruous with an outfit that would take French cuffs. If you're otherwise that dressed up , wear a proper pair of cufflinks.Poorsod had a good reason for not wearing metal cufflinks - proximity to MRI machines. Beyond that, there's really no excuse.Some people say they're good for travel but I don't see it. French cuffs, in my experience, will always attract too much dirt going through an airport. Better to...
Silk knots... I thought you, of all people, were better than that.
That's from the discontinued Hardy Riviera book.Really nice looking cloth. Someone should get them to re-run that.
That's the tan - brown solaro, right? Really like the look of that one. First time I've ever really been tempted by a solaro fabric. What's the weight off the top of your head?
You have been given a great honor, SB
New Posts  All Forums: