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It's RL so Chinese cone denim.
Though now I know how little you think of me...:-(
Is the height of the waistcoat really the most salient criticism of that outfit?You're right but we're talking about a formally cut DENIM SUIT
Perfect use of DB waistcoat and pocket watch. And the pinned collar really pulls it all together. It's so classic but also right now.
Don't know if there was any more discussion on this but I think a mid-grey heavy fresco would be incredibly useful.
I'm unbelievably / uncharacteristically chill about these things but any chance you could just quickly acknowledge the (third) email I've sent. No rush replying, just let me know I'm somewhere in the queue.
It's jarring to see Nick in focus.
Also is his ability to snowboard in a suit related to that or a separate and distinct magic ability?
Wore it once and decided it wasn't for me. $34 + shipping from London to you. This square: http://vandafineclothing.com/store/pocket-squares/460-navy-paisley-in-cotton-silk.html Cotton - silk
New Posts  All Forums: