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Probably my favorite fit of all time.
Thanks, guys. What happened to - I think it was Timo's - old Google doc with all the collars? Or does anyone have a handy photo of Luxire's Brooks or the Broke & Bespoke collars?
Anyone able to hook a brutha up? What's the best buttondown collar you've seen Luxire make? THanks.
Ah.I mixed up Sexton and Cifo - which are definitely the two I'd get wrong.Simon has some closeup photos on his blog. Really love that Panico and the Liverano.
1 Liverano 2 Panico 3 Sexton 4 A&S 5 Cifo 6 RA
Good luck. Would be cooler if you just rolled up to Pitti uninvited tho.
That Hober edge is a thing of beauty.
Are you in the #menswear industry or just going to Pitti for love of the game?
I don't think either cloth looks very good but if you're going to go for that pattern, the larger scale is definitely better.
Rule #1: Never take a photo standing next to Kamoshita
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