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I agree with both your last statement and mine.
Given what you know about Ed, how could he possibly be bothered by that categorization.
I agree.Seems like dark grey suit + black tie + white shirt = no other option.I'd suspect that this comes down to how you like to dress. Matt seems to have a strong preference for the more earth-toney, tweedy side of things. And I agree that neither white shirts nor white linen squares fit well into that aesthetic.LdM goes in a different direction. And does it very very well.
Somehow you managed to find the only two bad photos of David Windsor.
We're all friends here. There's no case to be made. Just appreciation.
Assuming this suit is grey and not teal like it appears on my monitor:
Composicion Urbano aka the construction worker from the village people: Better shot of the same - I'm guessing - suit. And again with the white square. (Meant to illustrate that the tailoring needs to be on point for this look.)
(Pretending that he has all his cuff buttons buttoned, natch.)
How about his brother-in-steez, Gazman. Really like this one:
A lil' sumpin' sumpin' from the Chairman Maomao Not totally sure how I feel about this one:
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