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Hi Matt, congrats 90%! Just trim up the leg and maybe show pix again with the arms down and more light. One of the back please. surely you must have an assistant to take a pix in your den?
Quote: Originally Posted by office drone Anyone know a good tailor in Vancouver? Preferably someone who recognizes the modern slim fits these days as I would like to update the fit of my suits. Thanks. I would be happy to taper your suit slacks. Some pleated slacks would have to be completely taken apart. We are primarily cut on premise bespoke tailors ( 35 years) So we can guarantee them .  
Quote: Originally Posted by tattersall Try the Giuseppe in post #88 above, just send him $5,000 and see what you get. Oh, and let us know how it turns out. I have not turned up a single bespoke tailor on the CDN westcoast in my over ten years out here. In my experience, they all talk a good story, but ask a few questions and you'll find you're just getting MTM, at worst from a Toronto or Montreal chop shop. Good luck to you, though - I'd love to be proved...
Hello I may be a little bias so have a look. google suitmakers in Vancouver and see no commercial reviews on Ikarma.
[quote=imageWIS;502321]Since on SF, one of our acknowledged imperatives is to own and wear clothing that fits, I would like members to post brands which make slim fit shirts and to give their description and impressions of the shirts. The priority is regarding fit and slimness, not regarding quality and workmanship, in this thread, while appreciated, they second. This particular thread came about over a discussion I was having with my tailor the other day as she pinned...
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